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The period of completion, rather than being just an act of finality, is also one of transition. When we seek closure, what we really want is an understanding of what has happened and an opportunity to integrate the lessons we have learned.

Without closure, there is no resolution and we are left to grieve, relive old memories, feel stuck, or remain forever connected to people from our past.

If you can’t achieve closure directly with someone or something, you can create your own way of honoring and completing it.

  • Accept that you have done your best
  • Write a letter to the person and then burn or shred it to let it go
  • Create a visualization of the experience being cleared
  • Guided meditation or release exercises
  • Freeform writing
  • Give it to God
  • Honoring the lessons and what you can be grateful for
  • Imagine the person in front of you and tell them what you need to say
  • Vent in a physical way (hitting something, running, screaming)
  • Create art that expresses feelings or honors what has left your life
  • Share the story through a book, article, or blog post
  • Turn the experience into something that serves the world

When you experience closure, your energy will be clear and ready for the next great thing to enter your life.  This is my wish for you.

Please feel free to share by leaving comments. I would love to hear what you have to say.

Shaky Ground by Mel Kadel

I have to admit that even after living in California my entire life this last earthquake scared me.  It was 5.1 and the epicenter was near my home.  This is the first time I have had to clean up broken glass and things that fell off shelves and I am very grateful that it wasn’t worse.

But, it got me thinking.  We all experience quakes in our lives – being laid off, a shaken marriage, death or illness, and even those smaller aftershocks like an argument or project gone wrong.

The question is – are you prepared?  Do you have a LifeQuake Disaster Kit you can go to when something shakes your core?  If not, here are some ideas of things to include:

Support – Who is on your Red Cross team?  Coaches, counselors, family, and trusted friends can help you stay grounded when you feel on shaky ground.

Faith – Creating a strong relationship with God can give you hope, guidance, and a sense of peace during challenging times.

Reminders of Who You Really Are – I recommend my clients create lists of their core values, talents and skills, best qualities, and achievements.  Lists like these can be used to support you when your confidence or self-esteem have taken a hit or as resources for moving forward.

Self-Nurturing – Whether it be a bubble bath, time off, or the perfect piece of mouth watering chocolate, self care and nurturing will be key to your recovery.

Gratitude- Focusing on the blessings in your life, no matter how small, can put an all-consuming LifeQuake into perspective and give you hope again.

Your Turn: What is in your LifeQuake Preparedness Kit?  You can share and comment by clicking  “Leave a Comment” under the post title. 

Picture credit: Mel Kadel

fear 600pix

  1. Write down and complete this sentence – I am afraid of…
  2. Now rewrite it as – I am excited about (whatever you were afraid of)
  3. And then, add the word “because” and list as many reasons as you can for that excitement

Chances are, you won’t be as afraid anymore.  You will be more focused on the exciting outcomes.

Give it a try and let me know how it works for you.


ducklings 400pix

Whether it be out of a sense of competition or trying to fit in, comparing keeps you in a game that you just can’t win.  There will always be someone you can perceive as higher or better or lower than you.   And, your data will be corrupt as you compare your raw, judged self to the images other people put forward of who they want you to believe they are.

The truth is that we are all equal souls, children of God, with unique qualities and talents.  The things we compare are simply illusions, labels, or stories we create or buy in to, often from our early years in life.

It is only when you focus on accepting and being your true self that the rest will fall into place.  When you stop comparing and judging, you open to seeing the beauty in yourself and others. It is from this heartfelt place that authenticity and individuality are valued and can express their talents and gifts for this world.

Do you want to be happy, fully expressed, and live your best life?  Do you want to attract the people who will love you for who you really are?  Do you want to be able to love yourself and let your light shine?

If so, stop comparing.


blame-gameIt is true.  People do yucky things. And, there are probably times in your life when you were truly a victim, but it is what you do afterward that matters most.

When you let yourself fall into the trap of blaming others and believing that people or your environment have conspired against you, you are disempowering yourself and embracing the role of a victim.

Living as a victim can be very seductive because it is a great excuse. People won’t expect a lot from you.  You can play small, avoid risks, and sometimes not even have to work as hard as everyone else.  It may even feel good because you get sympathy or attract attention.

The truth is though, that when you play the blame game you limit yourself, play small, and give your power away.  You will attract the wrong people and the wrong things into your life.  And, you will know somewhere deep in your heart that you are not being your best self or living to your full potential.

Even when you are sure that someone took action against you, blaming is not the answer.  Your true power is in forgiveness, accepting responsibility for your life, and moving forward into the life you were meant to live.

Your Turn: Who or what are you still blaming and what are you going to choose instead? 

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The Law of Attraction is both interesting and exciting.  The simple version is that we are all vibrating energy and whatever we put out into the world attracts similar energy.  It is especially popular with people who want to use this law to manifest success in their lives or businesses.

The book and movie, “The Secret”, brought a lot of attention to the idea of attraction, but many people took it to mean that they could just sit on their couches and make their dreams come true.  They failed to realize that the thought leaders in the book had also worked hard to get where they were at.

There are three elements to successfully using the Law of Attraction to manifest what you want in your life. 

Be Impeccable with Your Thoughts and Words:  What you think creates how you feel and the level of your energy.  Every time you think of a limitation or doubt your dream, you make it more challenging to achieve.  Instead, shift your negative thoughts to positive ones full of possibilities and gratitude.

Juice it Up: Connecting emotion to our thoughts supersizes their manifesting abilities.  You can do this by focusing on why you want what you want and how it will feel to have it.  Saturate yourself in the feeling of that end result and you will be more focused and drawn to making it happen.

Get Moving: When you take action you provide forward momentum and opportunities for the universe to give you feedback.  Feedback may be a feeling that something is or isn’t right.  It can also show up as synchronicity, things falling into place, or being blocked in some way.  In order to know what to do next, you need to take the first step.

Don’t forget to comment and share your thoughts and experiences.

Photo courtesy of Bianca Storm



There are some people….   You know what I mean.  They don’t do what you think they should or say and do things that just aren’t cool.  It could be a spouse, relative, politician, or someone you work with.  Just thinking about them makes your stomach clench, your body tighten, and your heart rate go up.

They make your life miserable.  Or, do they?

When someone is irritating you, it is important to remember three things: 

Who Is Responsible for What:  Everyone is responsible for their own behavior.  It’s between them and God.  You do not have to be in the middle.  What you are responsible for is your reaction.  You get to choose how you respond and feel in any situation.  This is good news, because the point of power for healing and shifting is within you.

There is a Reason They Do What They Do: Behavior patterns often come from our histories.  Someone who talks a lot may not have felt heard as a child.  A person who puts others down, likely feels unworthy. And, people with more passive characteristics may have felt a need to hide.   Being aware that people are the way they are for a reason can help you feel more compassionate and diminish your reactions to them.

Everyone Deserves a Blessing:  We all have different journeys in this adventure called life.  Some are not as pretty as others.  My clients who live in the South tell me you can say anything about someone as long as you follow it with – “God bless her soul”.  My radical idea is to think those very words about the people who upset you the most.  Just bless them.  And, if you need to, move on.

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