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This is where it all began.  Years ago, I took a risk and decided not to worry about my imperfect writing and just share with the world.  A lot of really wonderful stuff has happened since then, and I am grateful that provided this platform for me to start blogging.

In order to simplify, I have recently refreshed my website and moved my blog there.  Website and blog all in one place.  Nice and easy.  And, I think you will like the look of the new blog.  I look forward to seeing you there!

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Discover the Truth – your perspectives, reactions, and beliefs can cloud your ability to see the truth.  Before moving forward it is important to know what is real right now.  Challenge your thoughts by asking yourself whether you can know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are true.  If you need more information, do the forensics and get the facts.  And then, ask yourself what you know for sure.

Move  into Acceptance – acceptance of the truth brings peace.  This can be a tough one if you don’t want to face something or feel like it means you are making what someone did okay. But, the truth is the truth.  The facts are the facts. When you accept you no longer spend unnecessary energy resisting what is really happening or who a person really is.  Dropping resistance relieves physical, mental, and emotional, stress.  There is a sense of peace that comes with letting go of the fight to make things what they are not.  And, it is from this place that clarity and direction will come forward.

Make a Choice –  List all of the options available to you as your next step and then weed them out one at a time until you come to one that feels right for you.  Use your brain and your inner guidance system to help you decide.  One way to do this is to say each option and then pay attention to what happens in your body.  Clenching, contracting, or heaviness are signs that a choice might not be right for you.  Lightness or a feeling of fullness or peace often indicate your inner spirit is telling you yes.  Listen for the deep, solid, voice, that brings a sense of peace and you will know what to do.


We are happiest when our lives are in alignment with our core values.  Living in a way that reflects what is most meaningful to us, allows us to feel more peaceful, grounded, and fulfilled. Anything that conflicts with our values will create more stress and dissonance in our lives.

It is very easy to get sidetracked by what seems easy or what other people are doing.  And now, our technology is starting to pull us away from our lives and our best selves.  We have become a society that spends more time looking at our electronic devices than the people we love.

Your life might be off track if:

  • You go on shopping sprees when you want to be debt free.
  • Your calendar is full of things that keep you busy, but are not meaningful.
  • You work very long hours when you most value spending time with your family.
  • You feel resentful and say hurtful things when you aspire to be a loving person.
  • You eat unhealthy foods or don’t exercise when you want to improve your health.
  • You do things that you are ashamed of or wouldn’t want people to know about.
  • Your checking account register and credit card statements do not reflect your long term goals. 

You get the idea.  If you are feeling out of sync with what you value most, it’s time to make some changes.  Reconnect with your core values and start shaping your life around them. You will be glad you did….

(Sample Core Values:  Success – Family – Love – Joy – Health – Integrity)

Contact me if you would like to recieve a free exercise for identifying your own core values so that you can start living from your heart. Email: 

Live Simply 400 brightened

Simple living gets a bad rap.  It can bring up images of living in a cabin in the woods with one plate, one fork, and having to raise your own food.  Or, a house that is cold, colorless, empty, and devoid of personality.  And, what about those old, worn, and frumpy thrift store clothes you will have to wear?

The truth is living a simple life does not have to be like that at all.  

It is more about choosing to surround yourself with people and things that are meaningful and let go of what no longer works for you.  There is no need for scarcity or denial.  Simplicity allows you to create time and space for what you love.

You get to keep what you cherish and release what drains you.  Surround yourself with people who uplift you and activities that bring meaning and joy into your life.  Spend your time on what inspires you and let go of what pulls you down.

When you clear space in your life and live simply, there is an energy that comes forward.  It feels like a deep breath of relaxation.  Living in that energy opens you to connecting deeply with yourself, God, and people you care about.  It also allows your purpose and passion to come forward and guides you toward your highest self.

Our world is very busy and complex these days and we are losing our connection with the gifts that simplicity brings.  I invite you to look at your daily life and simplify at least one thing this week. Who knows, you might like how it feels and want to do more.

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Recently, I presented a program about strategies for dealing with stress to employees at a local insurance office.  One of the things that became clear is that most people think of stress as something big, powerful, and overwhelming, that controls them.

Not true.

Stress does not come from the things that challenge us.  It comes from our perceptions and thoughts about what is happening. We are the ones in control.  We get to choose our response to each and every situation.  You can see this in action when two people face the same situation and one is stressed to the max and the other confident and calm.

Don’t give your power away.  All of the resources and wisdom you need are inside of you.  Yes, there may be some practical changes you can make in your life that limit stress, but the most powerful thing you can do is change how you look at it.

Real Life Strategy: When you feel yourself reacting in a stressful way to something in your life, imagine floating up into a corner of the room and watching what is happening.  This will help you tap into the neutral “observer state” from which you will have a more clear perspective and be able to respond more effectively.



Every day is a gift.  A blank slate to write on. The choices you make in the first moments after awakening can impact your energy, effectiveness, and mood for the entire day.  I am a big fan of morning practices and encourage you to create one of your own.  Here are some fun ideas:

  1. Wiggle your toes and smile
  2. Snuggle with your pets or people
  3. Stretch or do yoga
  4. Express gratitude for the gift of another day
  5. Enjoy spiritual time (journal, meditate, pray)
  6. Set an intention for the day
  7. Visualize your day evolving with ease and grace
  8. Say an affirmation, your core values, or a mantra that inspires you
  9. Send loving energy out to the world and then direct it toward yourself
  10. Listen to music and/or dance


The concept of forgiveness is very noble and we are told it is the right thing to do, but sometimes it is not so easy.

Even when we know that forgivness is not saying the other person was right we may still crave completion, an apology, a way to prevent it from happening to someone else, retribution, or even just understanding what happened.

Forgiveness is a complex subject and we each have our own way of being with it.  But, many people get stuck on the word and the idea of what they feel they should do when all they feel is beaten up.  And then, they judge themselves for not being able to forgive and long for the relief it would bring.  Sound familiar?

When my clients find it hard to forgive and move forward, I suggest they forget about forgiveness.  Yep, you read that right.  No more trying to forgive.  When you try to forgive your focus is on the other person, but true healing is all about you.

Instead of forgiveness, look at the ways the person or situation is still controlling you.  How often are thoughts about it playing in your mind?  How much is it influencing how you feel?  What percentage of your day is impacted by it?  Get really clear about the burden it has become.

Make a decision to reclaim your life.  To not let what happened continue to hurt you again and again.  To truly heal and re-engage with the world in a healthy way.  To feel good again.

Let it go!  This may be as simple as  letting it flow out with your breath, journaling, or creating a ceremony of closure.  One of the visualizations that works well for my clients is:

  1. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and settle into a relaxed state
  2. Imagine that the other person has put suction cups on your body and heart that are controlling you and draining your energy
  3. Sit with the feeling of being drained by the suction cups
  4. Make a decision to let them go
  5. Take a deep, deep breath
  6. When you exhale, let the suction cups fall away (repeat this step if you feel any remaining)
  7. Breathe in love

If you are finding it difficult to move forward after a challenging experience I encourage you to ask for help.  Talk to a trusted friend, counselor, or contact me to schedule an appointment.  Healing is a process that can take time, but you are not meant to be stuck in the pain forever.









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