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Whatever happened to love, honor and respect as ways of being in our world?  Have you noticed that most of our entertainment is based on murder and violence?  Books, movies, TV shows, and even the video games our children grow up with. And then, we act surprised when something bad happens.

It’s time to shift the tide.

You can make a difference.  Start by replacing random acts of violence with random acts of kindness.  Treat people with respect.  Bring integrity and honor into your day to day life.  Focus on the love in your heart and share it with the world.  Be of service.  Live your values.  Be an example for those around you.  Who knows, it just may catch on.

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I recently listened to an interview with Dan Millman who wrote the book, “A Peaceful Warrior”.  He describes a Peaceful Warrior as someone who has a peaceful heart with a warrior spirit.  I like the sound of that and started thinking about what my life would be like if I showed up as a Peaceful Warrior.

I sense that there would be a feeling of being able to protect myself and others completely without the need to engage in conflict.  I would trust myself and be able to move through fear with confidence. There would be a sense of being centered, grounded, and standing tall within myself.  I would feel capable and do whatever needed to be done.  And, I would be at peace.

Sounds pretty good to me.  I’m going to practice being a Peaceful Warrior this week.  Would you like to join me?


I  recently came across this wonderful quote by Wayne Muller:

“Your challenge is not to keep trying to repair what was damaged, your practice instead is to re-awaken what is already wise, strong, and whole within you, to cultivate those qualities of heart and spirit that are available to you in this very moment.” 

In the past, I put a lot of energy into healing the things that made me feel broken.  I also learned processes that supported me in helping others do the same.

But, something was missing.

Letting go of anger, emotional pain, and stories of victimhood, was not enough.  It often left a sense of emptiness where the hurt used to reside. We would describe feeling a void and wait passively to see what came to fill it.  We were asleep and unaware that we can never truly be empty.

Our souls were calling out to us the entire time.

One day, when working with a client, I instinctively supported her in filling that empty space with the light of her spirit.  That wise, strong, and whole part of her that Wayne Muller described.  Her healing experience felt more powerful and complete and I have included that step in my processes ever since.

We don’t have to have a special experience to  re-awaken to our hearts and spirits.  It is something we get to practice every day.  Every hour. Every minute.

Our souls are calling out to us, even now.  They are always with us, because they are the essence of who we really are.




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My clients will tell you that I like lists.  I use them for organization and to bring forward information in a simple and clear manner.  My clients don’t do lists all the time, but when they do it is usually to support them in an area they are working on.  There are however, some lists that I believe everyone shoud have:

  • Your top 5 core values
  • Lifetime successes
  • Personal skills and attributes
  • What you are grateful for
  • Goals and next steps
  • Emergency resources and contact information
  • Location of your passwords, will, accounts, and other important papers
  • Things you love about your spouse or partner (to read when you are upset with them)

Your Turn: What lists would you add to the list?

Email me if you would like a free exercise on how to identify your core values:

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I’ve been thinking about sweet spots lately.  You know, those times when everything comes together beautifully and allow us to perform, create, and interact with the world at our highest level.

I can look back and see them in my life.  The times when I played my best tennis, ran my best race, and skated with skill and grace.  There were precious moments in my career, as a mother, and with special friends, as well.  The thing is, I didn’t recognize those sweet spots when they were happening.  I always figured there was more to come.

A client was recently expressing appreciation for me as a coach and I realized this may be one of those sweet spots.  What if this is the best coaching month, year, or decade of my life, when all of my training, experience, and skills come together and my good health allows me to continue to work?

I don’t want to miss it.  I don’t want to look back wishing I had enjoyed this sweet spot experience.  My intention is to stay present and appreciate these moments.  Even to love them.  Who knows, with this kind of focus maybe all of my experiences will become sweet spots.

What about you?  Are you aware of a sweet spot moment in your life you want to experience fully?  Please feel free to share by commenting on this post. 

Photo permission: Ellen Tanner



I have ants on the brain.  Probably because I have trails of little black ants in my house.  They come in when the temperature outside goes over 90 degrees.  Can’t really blame them.

I prefer to avoid pesticides and have tried electric repelling devices, barriers of materials that are either toxic to ants or they just don’t like to cross, and am using my vacuum as a weapon of mass destruction.  They keep coming back.

We have a lot to learn from those little guys.  What would happen if we pursued our goals with the same persistence and creativity?  Failure and obstacles would mean nothing.  We would simply find another way.

I invite you to be creative and persistent like an ant as you move toward your goals.  Oh, and invite a lot of your friends and colleagues to come along and support you like they do too.


Relationship 400

  • Be honest
  • Listen deeply
  • Tell them you love them
  • Communicate clearly
  • Show your appreciation
  • Speak your truth in a loving way
  • Say please and thank you
  • Do what you say and say what you do
  • Be willing to compromise for the greater good
  • See the other person as the soul they truly are

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