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About Linda

I have been supporting people in turning the lives they have into the lives they want since 2003.  My experience includes multiple coaching certifications, 25 years experience in small business, and I am a graduate of the Master’s Program in Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica.

This unique blend of spiritual and practical skills allows me to move smoothly from helping clients heal issues that create distress in their lives to providing support and tools that help them step into the future of their dreams.

Best of all, my clients report improved success, feeling better about themselves, and learning how to move through life  in a more grounded and peaceful way.

My services include  individual coaching (available by phone nationwide), email coaching, group programs, workshops, and speech presentations.

For more information or a free consultation email: or call (714) 282-0704

You may also enjoy my blog for Heart Centered Entrepreneurs:

Simple Smart Business

Or, connecting with me on Facebook

Be Your Best Self – Live Your Best Life

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