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Is there someone in your life who you find intimidating or challenging?  Perhaps it is time for a change in perspective.

Just imagine them:

  • As a toddler having a tantrum
  • Shrinking to a very small size and speaking in a mouse sized voice
  • With words flashing on their forehead like sad, hurt, insecure, afraid, etc.
  • As the sweet little infant they once were
  • Morphing into a cartoon or fairy tale character 

And, my favorite:

  • See them for who they really are – a beautiful soul in a human body having a not so pretty life experience.

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Whether we know it or not, we are all independent.  Independence is often defined as being self-reliant – free from influence, guidance, and control.  I can hear you grumbling already, “but, the government, my boss, my spouse……”  It’s easy to feel like you are controlled by others and sometimes harder to take responsibility for your own life.  The truth is you are in control.  You get to make the choice every minute of every day whether to accept the influence of others or not.  You get to choose your own life.

Happy Independence Day!  What will you choose?

  1. Focus on something outside of yourself – people, conversations, anything other than your fear
  2. Take deep breaths and visualize success
  3. Shift your thoughts – your brain can only focus on one thought at a time – make it a good one.
  4. Create an intention to be of service – when you focus on helping others, anxiety drops away
  5. Challenge your thoughts and beliefs – Is it absolutely, beyond a shadow of a doubt, true right now?
  6. Give your anxiety a name – have conversations with it – let it know you have things under control
  7. Expand your comfort zone with small steps – when you look back at your progress you will be amazed
  1. Understand that you are innately worthy.  You are a soul/spirit that comes from God and God does not make mistakes.  
  2. Celebrate your best qualities and accomplishments – keep lists of everything you are proud of doing in your life and the qualities you are most proud of. 
  3. Stop judging and forgive yourself for buying into the misbelief that you are now or ever  have been wrong or not good enough.
  4. Love your body for how it takes care of you – your lungs breathe, your heart beats, and your legs allow you to move around.  Your body is a miracle worth loving. 
  5. Do not look for acceptance or love outside of yourself.  It comes from within and it comes from God. 
  6. Don’t take things personally.  What other people choose to say or do is about them, not about you. 
  7. Shift your negative thoughts and challenge your beliefs – don’t let your inner critic or belief systems run your life. 

I’m hearing a lot of talk about self-doubt lately.  It seems like there is a confidence crisis going on. 

We all come into this world with everything we need to create an amazing life.  We also come with gifts and talents to share with the world.  When we listen to thoughts and beliefs that say we are not worthy, capable, or good enough, we dim the light of our true selves.  We forget who we are. 

Step into self-confidence by remembering who you are at the core and that you are completely worthy and capable.  There is no other possibility.  Stand tall, be yourself, and start doing what feels right for you.  You don’t have to do big things if you don’t feel called to do so.  The greatest gift you can give to yourself and those around you is to choose self-confidence and let what you say and do come from your heart.

Courage is not the absence of fear.  It is about allowing yourself to feel the fear and take action anyway.  Because courage is often associated with stepping through fear it can feel very challenging.  Most of us see it as uncomfortable and very hard to do.  I see it a little differently.


Courage is about not settling for less than we deserve and taking life into our own hands.  When we tap into courage we are able to experience more of what life has to offer, take better care of ourselves, and step into our dreams.   We get to choose between being a victim of the world and being courageous and learning just how powerful and wonderful we really are.  I choose to embrace courage.  What about you?

Linda Luke

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