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I have heard it said that when someone loses their vision, their other senses grow stronger.

When people or things go away, it creates space for something new to come in.

When we get older and lose physical strength, our wisdom comes forward.

When a house burns down, people often say the fresh start was a true gift.

And, when it feels like all is lost, is exactly when we are most connected to our soul.

So, when we lose someone or something, we are always in a process of renewal.  I think it will help to remember that when the losses come.



It’s always there on some level, lurking in the shadows or making a full frontal attack.  Bad things happen.  Tornados, hurricanes, divorce, people close to you get ill or die.  It would be easy to become immobile with the sadness of it all, but that doesn’t serve anyone.

Here is what I have learned to do:

Check my perspective: I can see it all as tragic or I can trust that there are blessings too.  I give myself permission not to understand and even if it feels yucky know that someone, maybe many, are growing from the experience.  People support each other in tragedy, families come together when someone they love is dying, and from the ashes new dreams are born.  It is not my place to decide what is good or bad, right or wrong, faith or love.

Do what I can:  I read to my friend in hospice, support my clients through their challenges, and listen to a friend who just learned she has a life threatening condition.  Volunteering and prayer are ways to help on a larger scale. There is always something I can do.

Focus on gratitude:  I am a sensitive person and can easily take on the pain of others, but that does nothing to make things better.  Instead, I acknowledge my feelings and let them come forward, but don’t let myself get stuck there.  The way I do this is by recognizing the ways my life is blessed.  When homes are destroyed by acts of nature I am thankful for the shelter I have and when my friend lost her mobility I was clear that my daily walks were a gift.  The tragedies of others can bring into the light how lucky I am.

I am not saying that I have this down perfectly.  I am human. What I can say is that this practice supports me and it gets easier each time.  I wonder if it could support you, too.

breathing 3


Breathe in deeply – feel the air expand your diaphragm and watch your stomach rise.

Breathing in fully is saying YES to life. 

Be grateful for your breath.  Let it remind you what really matters and that your life is already filled with blessings.

Take a deep breath before you react to people or issues.  Let it calm you and give you space to center yourself.

Breathe in love.  Apply it to any emotional hurt, physical pain, upset, anger, or fear that is residing in your body.  Let them ride on your breath and out of your body as you exhale.

Give yourself the gift of breathing breaks to maintain a sense of feeling grounded and calm as you move through any challenges in your days.

Breathe into your heart, connect with your soul, and remember who you really are.

Just breathe….

Letting Go

I spent time recently thinking about the work I do and how to communicate it.  From the outside it looks like I am helping clients with challenges or supporting them as they build lives and businesses they love.  But, my clients would tell you it is what happens on the inside that is most valuable.

What came up for me was that there is a theme of releasing or letting go in order to step into true freedom.  It is as if we have piled layers and layers of junk on top of our souls.  So much so, that even breathing in life can feel like a challenge.  We suffocate ourselves with beliefs, rules, and stories about our pasts that keep us small and afraid.

We lose sight of the truth.  All of the “stuff” is an illusion.  Stories we have told ourselves so many times that we feel trapped by them.  We forget that we are perfect children of God with special gifts for this world.  We forget that we can be happy, feel peaceful, and experience what is meaningful to us.

So, I am calling us out.  You, me, and everyone else.

Let’s bring our awareness to the truth.  Let’s drop the thought patterns that no longer serve us. Let’s step into our own brilliance and shine like the stars we are.  Let’s have some fun!

Are you willing to accept the challenge?

I’m curious:  What would you like to let go of?  You can share your answer in the comments section.

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One of the common concerns that my clients talk about is not having enough time.  They are working very hard and feeling very, very busy.  We often discover that they are operating in a time warp that is not based in reality.   You can use these steps to evaluate your own relationship with time:

1. Start by exploring and writing down what you value most in life.  Common core values include things like family, success, happiness, service, inner peace, religious beliefs, or love.  (Contact me if you would like a free  list of sample values to work with.)

2. Make a list of all of the things that you spend time on or that call for your attention. (Appointments, meetings, things you do for your children, work, connecting with others, playing on Facebook, watching TV, organizations you belong to, housework, and more)  Take a moment to look over your list.  How does it make you feel?

3. Now, for the fun part.  Cross off everything on the list.  Everything! (Do it in a way that you can still see what was written beneath.) You do not “have to” do any of these things. Take a moment to absorb this.   It’s a clean sweep.  There is nothing left on your schedule or to do list.

4. Set an intention for how you would like to live.

5. Create a new list that only includes things that are in alignment with your values and supports the life you want to create.   Be careful not to add everything back here.  This is your priority list.  Everything else is an option to plug in only if it feels meaningful, is in alignment, and you have plenty of time.  There is one exception.  If you have not included time for yourself on the list, please add it now.

6. Double check the list for illusions like the ones below:

  • Keeping you and your children busy with multiple after school activities may seem in alignment with your family values, but may really be limiting your special times together.
  • Spending a lot of time working on a website or marketing in social media may seem like a necessary use of your time, but it could be preventing you from getting out and connecting with potential clients.

7. Review your new list.  It should be much, much shorter than the original and feel in alignment with who you are and what you want.  It should feel more peaceful and leave space for spontaneity and magic.

Doesn’t that feel better?

Don’t forget to leave a comment.  I would love to hear from you.

Busy mind

Our minds are valuable tools, but sometimes they can just be annoying.  Especially when they try to take over, creating an endless stream of thoughts that leave us spinning.

It would not be so bad if they were beautiful and uplifting thoughts, but when our minds gets in this state it’s favorite subjects are usually worry, fear, self-judgment, and guilt.

Who needs that? 

Your mind is not who you are.  It does not control you.  Here are 5 simple tools to try when your brain goes into monkey mind mode:

Prayer and/or Meditation – the ultimate peace giving tools

Mindful Movement – go for a walk or run and count your steps

Focused Activities – Find an activity that requires or inspires your full attention.  Ideas that have worked for others include art, crafts, building things, puzzles, gardening, and sports.

Visualization – Picture the thoughts spinning in your head and then move them to a place outside of you.

Challenging Your Thoughts – Ask yourself if the thoughts are really true and if they serve you.  If not, let them go.  Repeat this process until your mind understands what kinds of thoughts you are willing to keep.

Four Agreements

Don Miguel Ruiz wrote a simple and powerful book called, “The Four Agreements”.  These agreements spoke to my heart and I have used them throughout the years for my clients and myself.

Today feels like a good day to bring them into the light again.  Whether they are new to you or old friends, they serve as excellent words to live by.

The Four Agreements

 Be Impeccable with Your Word

Don’t Take Anything Personally

Don’t Make Assumptions

Always Do Your Best

Linda Luke

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