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Have you ever had one of those holiday seasons where you felt over-scheduled, over-budget, and just plain frazzled?  And, when it was all over you were just glad it was done?

This year can be different. 

You can set an intention now for how you want to be and what you want to experience this holiday season before even stepping into the whirlwind of holiday mania.  Let go of obligations and expectations and become clear about what would make your holidays meaningful, peaceful, and fun.

Time: Do you want to go to as many parties and events as possible or choose the most important ones and have time to really enjoy them?

The Holiday Dinner:  Is it worth doing a grand masterpiece of a dinner if you are too busy and too stressed to be with your friends and family?  Or, could you do something simpler, focusing on their favorites and spending more time with them instead?

Spending:  Will you buy expensive gifts out of a sense of obligation or choose to give from the heart?  Would your friends and family want you to go into debt for their gifts?

When you are clear what you want for your holiday experience, form an intention that will support you in staying true to your heartfelt desires.  You may want to post the intention where it is visible or keep a copy in your wallet to help you stay focused.

Let your intention guide you to a more peaceful, joyful, and meaningful holiday season.

What are your holiday season intentions or desires?  You can share by clicking on “Comments” under the title of this post.




Many people believe that we are souls put on this earth to experience life as a means to learning lessons and evolving spiritually.

You might hear them say that when something bad happens it is for the highest good, that you will learn and grow from it, or that there are hidden blessings involved.

What stands out for me is that you only hear people talk about these life lessons when things are going wrong.  Is it not probable that we are also here to experience lessons about love, joy, and success?

Consider these life experiences:

  • Learning to receive
  • Being loved unconditionally
  • Creativity
  • Connecting with nature
  • Living your passion
  • Loving someone with all your heart
  • The joy of uplifting others
  • Experiencing the miracle of carrying and giving birth to a child

Just imagine how your energy will shift when your awareness expands to include the full range of life lessons, the good as well as those that might feel more challenging.

I would love to hear about some of the beautiful life lessons you have experienced.  You can share by clicking on  “Comments” under the title of this post.


There is a side of me that is attracted to pink high top sneakers, hippie jewelry, and spiky hair.  I’m not sure if going down that road would make me a cool grandma or the laughing stock of the universe, but it is a part of me that I let come out and play at times.

Is there a part of you that is calling out, wanting to be expressed?

I encourage you to honor your uniqueness, that special spark inside of you that may not get shared often.

Go ahead – be YOUR best self.  You can’t be anyone else’s.

I would love to hear from you: How do you express your inner spark in the world?  You can share by replying below.

heart tree

Something is stirring inside of me and I am not sure what it is.  I may be shedding my skin for a new life or just getting old.

I don’t want to try so hard anymore.  And, I don’t need to save the world.  Letting go of meetings and people I don’t enjoy feels so peaceful.  I don’t care what other people think I should do or that I may not be living to my absolute fullest potential.

I just want to be. 

I want to be authentic and surround myself with others that do the same.  I want a community that feels like home.  I want to play with my kittens, nurture my garden, and read books just for fun.

I want to coach and be of service.  I want to help people heal and build lives and businesses that speak to their soul.  I want to bring more love and peace into this world in a quiet, authentic way.

I just want to be. 

(Something is stirring inside of me and I don’t know what it is.  Can any of you relate?)

Ostrich and man with head in sand

Others may disagree, but I don’t think I’m too stubborn or set in my ways.  What I have noticed is that I get stuck in patterns of doing some things the same way for long periods of time.  I do the research, create a system, and figure I am set for a while.

 Sometimes this can be a smart strategy and other times it’s just sticking my head in the sand and taking the easy way out. 

For example, I became a vegetarian about 15 years ago.   After a lot of research and exploration, I created a way of eating that worked well for me and felt healthy.  I have made changes over the years, but there was a big blind spot.  One of my most common protein sources was soy and it was not until recently that I opened my eyes to the fact that a lot of those soy products were genetically modified. Ouch!

 Things change.  Information evolves.  When I set up my healthy diet years ago I had never even heard of GMO’s.

 We get smarter and wiser too.

I feel more alert now to observing the patterns in my life and questioning everything.  It’s actually kind of fun.  I simplified, refined, and even freed up time.  My life feels fresher and more open to new possibilities.

And now, it is your turn.  What areas of your life could use a little refreshing?  What patterns have been the same for a long time?  Where could you benefit from updating your information?

Looking at your life with fresh eyes opens the door to new opportunities and choices that can enhance your lifestyle.

Don’t keep your head stuck in the sand…


Hand Over Heart

We all receive guidance from within.  Whether you call it your heart, soul, intuition, or inner GPS, it is always there to support you.   There are times though, when we find it difficult to hear the messages sent our way.  Here are three of my favorite ways to reconnect with my inner knowing.

Meditation and Prayer – taking time to be in silence or have a conversation with God is a powerful way to realign with your inner guidance or open to direction from a higher source.

Body Signals – Our heart and soul often speak to us through our body.  Feeling tightness, contraction, or heaviness when you consider an option can be a sign you are on the wrong track.  When you feel light and open, your body is likely signaling a “yes”.  If you are faced with a decision, try saying each option and see what your body tells you.

Free Form Writing –  putting pen to paper and letting it flow is a beautiful way to vent, clear things that are blocking you, and bring forward new answers.  Free form writing is best done in a peaceful, quiet environment with pen and paper.  Write whatever comes up without thinking or guiding it.  You might be surprised what you learn.  If negative energy or content come forward, be sure to destroy or dispose of the paper when you are done.

I’m Curious: How do you connect with your inner wisdom?

Spiritual Woman

Clients often come to me when they are facing major decisions or charting new territory in their lives.  They seem to be in dilemma and unsure of what to do, but I know the answers are already there.

The pattern is that their hearts make a suggestion and then fear tries to shut it down.  So, they go mental.  They think and think and think.  They gather data and facts and ask friends and colleagues.  They seek the answers outside of themselves.

Sound familiar?   I do it too.  It’s a human thing…

Gathering information is a great first step, but we don’t need to get stuck there.  We have all of the resources we need within to guide our life path.  Our hearts and souls will lead us where we are meant to go.

So, when you need direction in your life, shift from head to heart and ask yourself, “What does my soul want me to know?”.   The answers will come from the calm, solid voice of inner knowing that lies within you.

(picture credit – J Booth)

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