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The Law of Attraction is both interesting and exciting.  The simple version is that we are all vibrating energy and whatever we put out into the world attracts similar energy.  It is especially popular with people who want to use this law to manifest success in their lives or businesses.

The book and movie, “The Secret”, brought a lot of attention to the idea of attraction, but many people took it to mean that they could just sit on their couches and make their dreams come true.  They failed to realize that the thought leaders in the book had also worked hard to get where they were at.

There are three elements to successfully using the Law of Attraction to manifest what you want in your life. 

Be Impeccable with Your Thoughts and Words:  What you think creates how you feel and the level of your energy.  Every time you think of a limitation or doubt your dream, you make it more challenging to achieve.  Instead, shift your negative thoughts to positive ones full of possibilities and gratitude.

Juice it Up: Connecting emotion to our thoughts supersizes their manifesting abilities.  You can do this by focusing on why you want what you want and how it will feel to have it.  Saturate yourself in the feeling of that end result and you will be more focused and drawn to making it happen.

Get Moving: When you take action you provide forward momentum and opportunities for the universe to give you feedback.  Feedback may be a feeling that something is or isn’t right.  It can also show up as synchronicity, things falling into place, or being blocked in some way.  In order to know what to do next, you need to take the first step.

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I have had a love- hate relationship with affirmations over the years.  My first attempts with them were quite awkward as I looked in the mirror and said things that I thought I should while deep inside not believing them to be possible.   For years I would have told you not to bother, but I am beginning to have a change of heart.

I now believe affirmations are about reminding us to shift our negative focus to a more positive one.  They are not magic and are best approached without force or expectation.  Let them remind you of the truth that is sometimes hidden by inner negative filters.   I tell my clients to keep them simple, at least 50% believable, and always word them in the present tense.

I was reading something by Louise Hay recently who is the Queen of Affirmations and decided to do a little experiment.  I wrote affirmations on post it notes and put them around the house:

  • I am grateful for this day and live it with love, truth, and joy.
  • I love foods that support my health.
  • My body is healthy and strong.
  • I have everything I need within me.
  • Prosperity loves me.
  • God is watching over and guiding me.

It may sound silly, but I have to tell you something is happening.  When I brush my teeth and read my affirmations, it makes me smile and I feel better prepared for a great day.  It feels like my overall mindset has been uplifted and refocused with these little reminders I’ve placed around my home.

So, I’m shifting out of the hate and into the love zone with affirmations.  What do you think?  What has your experience with affirmations been like?  Do you have any favorite ones?

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