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The end of a year is a perfect time to honor the blessings that came our way and acknowledge ourselves for all we have achieved.   Because human nature is to focus on what is not working, we often minimize what went well or special moments along the way.  I encourage you to review your year with open eyes and an open heart.  You might be surprised what you see…

Year End Process

  • Create quiet time and space so that you can focus without interruption
  • Set a clear and positive intention for your process 

Write your answers for the following:

  • List your wins and accomplishments for the year (at least 50)
  • Write about what you learned from the challenges you faced
  • What are you proud of yourself for?
  • What are you grateful for?
  • What do you want to take away from this year and integrate in the future?
  • Anything else that feels meaningful to include

Don’t forget to share some of your wins or special moments by clicking on “comment” below the title of this blog.



Somewhere deep inside each of us is an inner child who wants to come out and play.  As adults, we often lose sight of the sense of joy and wonderment that we felt when we were young.  Life becomes busy and filled with commitments and sometimes we forget to have fun.

What was it for you?  Did you love finger painting, hula hooping, swinging on swings? Or, did you have the most fun when you were at carnivals, swimming, or dancing?

Don’t deny yourself any longer.  Make a play date with your inner child and go have some fun.  You can even invite a friend and their inner child to join you.

It’s time to play!!!

I would love to hear how you bring out the kid in you.  You can share in the comments section of this blog.


1. Create meaningful intentions for each of the following areas of your life:

  • Health/Self-Care
  • Finances
  • Social/Fun
  • Career
  • Physical Environment
  • Personal/Spiritual Growth
  • Friends/Family/Community
  • Personal Relationship/Romance 

2. Set SMART goals that support your intentions – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time bound

3. List bite size actions steps for the success of your goals – keep these steps very small so that you can experience success often

4. Create a plan for how you will complete your actions steps – possible ideas include putting them on your calendar, commiting to one or more per day, focusing on only a few at a time, or setting deadlines

5. Commit

6. Celebrate and acknowledge yourself for every success along the way

  • Am I engaging in anything that is not in alignment with my values?
  • Am I over committed?
  • How is my level of self care?
  • Have I drifted from my spiritual practice or connection with God?
  • Where is my life out of balance?
  • Do I have an active support system in place?
  • Is my body asking for rest, healthy food, or water?
  • Am I letting limiting thoughts and beliefs run the show?
  • Have I asked for what I want?
  • When was the last time I took a break?
  • Is there an underlying issue draining my energy that I need to deal with?
  • Am I exposing myself to negative input through news, entertainment, or the people around me?

Your Turn:  What comes for you when you ask yourself these questions?


  1. Practice self-nurturing and be gentle with yourself
  2. Allow yourself a break of a few days if you need one
  3. And then, start moving – go for a walk, exercise, get your blood flowing
  4. Do not put energy into resisting the depression – it only makes it worse
  5. Volunteer or help someone who is in a worse situation than you are
  6. Focus on gratitude – write 5 things a day you are grateful for
  7. Journal about your feelings, challenges, and possible solutions
  8. Bring in the light – open the curtains or go out in the sunshine – spend time in nature
  9. Put your negative thoughts to the test by asking yourself if they are absolutely true
  10. Start focusing on possibilities and plans for the future.
  11. Make a plan and take baby steps, celebrating each one along the way
  12. Seek professional help if you need it    Email:

My clients across the country are getting antsy.  Many of them are snowed in.  The ones in CA feel trapped by the winds.  It seems that nature is working overtime to keep us indoors. 

The question that is coming up for me is: How can we live in the modern world and also respect the wisdom of our seasons?  Winter is a time for hibernation, introspection, and nurturing the ideas that will blossom in the spring.  Do you embrace this time of rest and reflection or fight it?

This is your opportunity to allow time for renewal and restoration. To curl up on the couch with a good movie or book.  To snuggle with family and pets.  To write, draw, knit, paint, cook….. To play family games that bring you closer together.  And, to look deep inside and dream about what you want to come forward as the ground thaws and welcomes spring.

Linda Luke

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