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I have heard it said that when someone loses their vision, their other senses grow stronger.

When people or things go away, it creates space for something new to come in.

When we get older and lose physical strength, our wisdom comes forward.

When a house burns down, people often say the fresh start was a true gift.

And, when it feels like all is lost, is exactly when we are most connected to our soul.

So, when we lose someone or something, we are always in a process of renewal.  I think it will help to remember that when the losses come.


My clients across the country are getting antsy.  Many of them are snowed in.  The ones in CA feel trapped by the winds.  It seems that nature is working overtime to keep us indoors. 

The question that is coming up for me is: How can we live in the modern world and also respect the wisdom of our seasons?  Winter is a time for hibernation, introspection, and nurturing the ideas that will blossom in the spring.  Do you embrace this time of rest and reflection or fight it?

This is your opportunity to allow time for renewal and restoration. To curl up on the couch with a good movie or book.  To snuggle with family and pets.  To write, draw, knit, paint, cook….. To play family games that bring you closer together.  And, to look deep inside and dream about what you want to come forward as the ground thaws and welcomes spring.

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