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How you start your day can determine how the entire day goes.  If you do not  consciously choose what you want to focus on, you may find yourself spending time on things that do not matter.

Try choosing 3 words each morning that help ground you in your best self or represent what you want to bring your focus to.  Use them as your theme for the day.

Sample Words: Clear – Grounded – Confident – Focused – Healthy – Wise – Grateful – Loving – Professional – Effective – Community – Success – Integrity –Responsible – Compassionate – (you get the idea)

Post your words where you will see them or write them down to carry with you so that you can connect with them throughout the day.

Letting your chosen words guide and motivate you, will help you consciously create the life you want.

What are your three words for today?  You can share them by clicking on “comment” below the title of this blog.


breathing 3


Breathe in deeply – feel the air expand your diaphragm and watch your stomach rise.

Breathing in fully is saying YES to life. 

Be grateful for your breath.  Let it remind you what really matters and that your life is already filled with blessings.

Take a deep breath before you react to people or issues.  Let it calm you and give you space to center yourself.

Breathe in love.  Apply it to any emotional hurt, physical pain, upset, anger, or fear that is residing in your body.  Let them ride on your breath and out of your body as you exhale.

Give yourself the gift of breathing breaks to maintain a sense of feeling grounded and calm as you move through any challenges in your days.

Breathe into your heart, connect with your soul, and remember who you really are.

Just breathe….

living fully

My clients love having a process to review their weeks.  They tell me that doing so creates awareness, opportunities for new choices, and allows them to formulate clear intentions for the week ahead.  I wonder if you will feel the same.  Here are the questions my clients use in case you would like to play with them:

  • Did I live fully?
  • Did I express love and kindness?
  • Did I make a difference?
  • Did I have fun?
  • Did I Iearn something new?
  • Did I stay on track with my goals?
  • Did I do my best?
  • Was I authentically me?

Your Turn: What do you think? Does your life feel on or off track?  Please comment to share your thoughts.

Four Agreements

Don Miguel Ruiz wrote a simple and powerful book called, “The Four Agreements”.  These agreements spoke to my heart and I have used them throughout the years for my clients and myself.

Today feels like a good day to bring them into the light again.  Whether they are new to you or old friends, they serve as excellent words to live by.

The Four Agreements

 Be Impeccable with Your Word

Don’t Take Anything Personally

Don’t Make Assumptions

Always Do Your Best


1. Create meaningful intentions for each of the following areas of your life:

  • Health/Self-Care
  • Finances
  • Social/Fun
  • Career
  • Physical Environment
  • Personal/Spiritual Growth
  • Friends/Family/Community
  • Personal Relationship/Romance 

2. Set SMART goals that support your intentions – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time bound

3. List bite size actions steps for the success of your goals – keep these steps very small so that you can experience success often

4. Create a plan for how you will complete your actions steps – possible ideas include putting them on your calendar, commiting to one or more per day, focusing on only a few at a time, or setting deadlines

5. Commit

6. Celebrate and acknowledge yourself for every success along the way

Free form writing is an excellent tool for bringing clarity to situations, processing experiences, and healing your history.  It may look like journaling, but it is actually very different.

With free form writing you simply start writing what comes up for you without censoring it. At times it may feel like venting on paper.   The real gift is that you are giving yourself an opportunity to express your feelings and emotions in a safe way.  When you do, you open the door to healing.

This process also works well for gaining clarity about questions or choices and brainstorming ideas.  I have had clients use it for bringing forward gratitude and building their confidence by writing their successes or what they like about themselves.  The possibilities are endless.

The beauty of free form writing is that it can often surprise you.  You never know what is going to come up.  It could be a creative new idea or a completely different perspective on something that happened.  The trick is to just let the words flow and be open to whatever comes forward.

Guidelines for Free Form Writing

  1. Set aside uninterrupted time in a setting you feel safe in.
  2. Always use paper.  You do not want any of the negative energy that might come up in your writing to be stored in your computer or other device.
  3. Do not use your regular journal.
  4. If your writing does include anything negative, destroy it when you are done.  Do not keep it around you or your space.  Many of my clients create a ceremony that represents letting go of what they released.
  5. Acknowledge yourself for what you have done and consider doing something that is self nurturing.

When you are reaching for goals and get stuck in the same place over and over, you have likely reached a set point.  Set points are usually at the edge of your comfort zone.  They are established and controlled by fear and limiting beliefs and they prevent you from stepping into your true possibilities.

Do you want to know what your set points are?  Look around you.

  • How much financial stress vs. abundance do you have in your life right now?
  • How healthy is your body right now?
  • How happy are you on a day to day basis at this time in your life?

Where you are at now is a strong indication of what your set points are.

The crazy thing is that set points don’t really exist.  You make them up in your mind.  This means you also have the ability to let them go.  Many of your fears and beliefs, while they seem to keep you safe, are really irrational.  The truly magnificent person that you really are is being squelched by all of these things that are simply ideas you chose to accept. I encourage you to start challenging their validity.  Seek only the absolute truth.  And, let your authentic self shine through.

By  choosing to live the truth and  fully express yourself in this life, you will be able to experience being truly alive and bring your unique gifts to the world.  You can start right now.  It’s just a choice.

Creating a more peaceful, positive, and prosperous life starts with a free consultation. 


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