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Transforming Anger, Pain, and Fear

Posted on: February 10, 2014

hands_around_a_butterflyWe all have emotional responses that do not serve us well.  Anger that leads us to say and do things we regret.  Fear that keeps us from stepping into our true potential.  And, emotional pain that keeps us stuck in the past and unable to heal.

Each of these manifest as physical energy in our bodies and one of the ways to relieve the pressure they create is to vent that energy.  Anger can be released by hitting a punching bag or pillow.  Pain and fear respond well to free form writing and release exercises.

But, there is an even greater opportunity available to you. 

What if instead of venting, you were able to transform the energy of these emotions?  Turn them into something wonderful, beautiful, and positive?

Take your anger and channel it into art or turn it into a passion for helping others.  Let your pain fuel your life mission or feed a commitment to compassion and love.  Transform your fear energy into excitement that propels you toward your dreams.

When  energy presents itself, in whatever form, you get to choose how to use it.  You have an opportunity to reframe what feels negative and channel it into something more inspiring or meaningful.

When you do, your entire life can be transformed.

2 Responses to "Transforming Anger, Pain, and Fear"

I just want to tell that if anyone don’t know how to do that transformation,then you can take the help of the life coach.

I agree. A life coach, therapist, skilled healer, or specially designed retreat, can be an asset in healing..

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