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Look Up! You Might Be Surprised What You See

Posted on: October 21, 2013


When I hike I have a tendency to look at the ground about 10 feet ahead of me, staying alert to things in my path that might cause me to trip.  I can be in the middle of nature’s incredible beauty and all I see is dirt.

When I go for walks in my neighborhood, I do the same.  Focus on the concrete, sometimes finding heart shapes in its imperfections or earth worms I can save.

When I look up, the beauty and expansiveness of the world can surprise me.  The world is so much more than I focus on.    It is filled with color and the sky seems to go on forever.

I am going to practice looking up.  I want to experience the expansiveness of my surroundings and the beauty all around me.  I want to feel it and soak it in.  I want to expand the number of things I have to be grateful for.

Will you join me?


6 Responses to "Look Up! You Might Be Surprised What You See"

Oh yes, I love to look up! Especially at the moon. I’m so in love with the moon I wrote a book about it. 🙂 And when I can see it, I look up at it every single night.

Thank you for the reminder. This post came out of what I experienced during daytime activities. We need to remember to do it at night too.

I will also practice looking up and out. We can still check occasionally for those earthworms that need rescuing. 🙂

Ah – a fellow earthwork rescuer. Nice to meet you.

I love looking around when I walk, seeing nature and the beauty of it all (found your blog on the ultimate Blog Challenge)

Thanks for the great reminder. I usually look down when I go for a walk, and you’re right, if we just take the time to look up, there’s a whole world out there waiting to be discovered.

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