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Three Words a Day Bring Success Your Way

Posted on: October 7, 2013


How you start your day can determine how the entire day goes.  If you do not  consciously choose what you want to focus on, you may find yourself spending time on things that do not matter.

Try choosing 3 words each morning that help ground you in your best self or represent what you want to bring your focus to.  Use them as your theme for the day.

Sample Words: Clear – Grounded – Confident – Focused – Healthy – Wise – Grateful – Loving – Professional – Effective – Community – Success – Integrity –Responsible – Compassionate – (you get the idea)

Post your words where you will see them or write them down to carry with you so that you can connect with them throughout the day.

Letting your chosen words guide and motivate you, will help you consciously create the life you want.

What are your three words for today?  You can share them by clicking on “comment” below the title of this blog.


11 Responses to "Three Words a Day Bring Success Your Way"

My three words are ‘calm’, ‘clear’ and ‘centered’.

Those are three of my favorite words and I am glad you are bringing them into your life today.

This is a good idea. Nice article! My three words would be… “focus” “determination” and “confident”.

Great post. from personal experience I know its true. Wonder why I don’t do it daily! Tx for the reminder. Nischala

Once you create the habit, you will feel strange when you don’t. Is there a way that you can put it on your calendar or have a strategically placed note to remind you?

Nice Idea Linda. My problem is my unlimited imagination plus butterfly brain. No idea how I could concentrate on only three words. 🙂 Visiting via UBC, nice to meet you. 🙂

Hi Veronica:
You can use your wonderfully creative mind to create a list of words to choose from and then choose 3. I know it may feel challenging at first, but this can be especially powerful for a creative person who doesn’t focus easily. You may find you are more effective and get things done faster, which can leave time for you to play with your imagination more. And, don’t forget, you get to choose 3 new ones from the list each day…

OK, I am completely in love with this idea! I have found that getting focused at the start of my day makes a HUGE difference, but I really like the concept of picking just 3 words and posting them. Simple and very powerful. I’m going to do that everyday this week and track how it makes a difference. Thanks!

Happy you like the idea. Would love to hear what you experience practicing this for a week if you have time to share.

Its great to have words that you can anchor your day to. It does give your day a new focus and most likely a new direction. Another thing that helps is to use words that charge you up. Maybe happy is does not strike a chord with you but cheerful or ecstatic does. Very valuable exercise! (High-Powered, unstoppable, compassionate)

I agree. Heartfelt words that uplift and energize us are best. Many of my clients use core value words or discover along the way that words they use often are their core values.

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