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Knock. Knock. Can Your Inner Child Come Out and Play?

Posted on: August 12, 2013


Somewhere deep inside each of us is an inner child who wants to come out and play.  As adults, we often lose sight of the sense of joy and wonderment that we felt when we were young.  Life becomes busy and filled with commitments and sometimes we forget to have fun.

What was it for you?  Did you love finger painting, hula hooping, swinging on swings? Or, did you have the most fun when you were at carnivals, swimming, or dancing?

Don’t deny yourself any longer.  Make a play date with your inner child and go have some fun.  You can even invite a friend and their inner child to join you.

It’s time to play!!!

I would love to hear how you bring out the kid in you.  You can share in the comments section of this blog.


4 Responses to "Knock. Knock. Can Your Inner Child Come Out and Play?"

Love it. I actually went with my daughter, nephew and a friend 4 wheeling this morning and went mudding. Had a great time. You have to let loose sometimes. Thanks for sharing. Anita

Letting loose is a fun way to put it. Sounds like you are pretty good at it.

Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah…I love to say that when I am right and I knew it. It is good to have fun whenever, wherever possible – even in the unexpected and less than “appropriate” places. Sometimes inappropriate places have the most appropriate times!

I always loved playing jacks, going on merry-go-rounds, and swinging in the park. I haven’t played jacks in a long time, but my oldest daughter gave me a set so that I don’t have an excuse. As for merry-go-rounds, I get on one every chance I get, like the one in South Coast Plaza that’s calling my name. Swings! I had a go at the swing in Eucalyptus park last week. Whee-ee-ee!

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