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A Woman and Her Stuff

Posted on: August 5, 2013


She is being evicted, has limited resources, and does not know where she will go.

Even though she lives with someone in their home, she has filled it to the brim with stuff.  The garage is packed floor to ceiling and unusable.  The house and patio are at their limits, too.  She likes to collect cute things at garage sales and seems to love them all.

And now, she has to leave in two days.  Her last garage sale was this week and the garage is still 2/3 full.  This letting go seems to be pulling her apart inside and filling her with grief.

Is there a break through coming from this heartbreak?  I don’t know.

What I do know is that witnessing her experience has intrigued and touched me.  I can’t even imagine what this is like for her.

And yet, I know this is her journey and stuff is just stuff.   I wonder what it represents for her.  I start to wonder what my stuff represents for me and why having things can hold such power over us.

Is it true that we own our things or do they really own us?  I live fairly simply and would like to believe mine don’t, but now I am not so sure…

I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject that is very present for me.  You can share by adding a comment to this post.


11 Responses to "A Woman and Her Stuff"

I know that I have some things that seem to “own me” more than I own them. I need to declutter, but I want the things because of the memories, etc. Need to work on that. God bless your journey!

Thank you. She hired a junk company to come after the garage sale and they took 5 trailer loads of stuff away. This part of her journey is complete.

We all collect things throughout our journey. Some find it hard to let go. When the items become attached, that is where we struggle to see the value of letting go. Cleaning out the items that have less of a personal attachment would be a start for anybody in this situation…

It’s true that when we feel an emotion and want to keep that emotion fresh that we assign it to something tangible such as a nicknack or dish set or clothing… However, energetically speaking, when we find we cannot let go of things and begin hoarding things, there is some scarcity energy that needs to be released. This is easily accomplished with the proper tools. Great post illustrating this today!
Loretta Smith, Certified SimplyHealed Practitioner checking in from

Yes. I find that this can even go deeper. Clutter can be someone surrounding themselves with protection. It can be used to feel you have value. The fear of letting go can have many implications. For some, it might be hiding. And, for some of us, it can just be clutter. Thank you, Loretta, for bringing up this important point. I am curious about the work you do and will check out your website.

When we get carried away, our things can really own us. 😦 We really have to keep a check and balance there.

USM project – two times 1990 and 2010 decluttering – still dealing with it, but I might have found some help. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). It’s an item by item process – but one thing that really seems to help me is when I have someone or someplace to donate to specifically.

Also, the idea that a book or nick knack, or piece of clothing that is just sitting around in my house waiting for me to pay attention to it might actually bring joy to someone else (hopefully not as an additional piece of clutter but as something that can really be used). Schools for instance for books, pens, paper, pads, and art supplies – they have very little money and from what I’ve seen, very appreciative of what they get. And libraries for the books that might not be appropriate for schools. It’s not necessarily easy thought it really is simple ❤

Wonderful ideas. I have not worked with EFT more than a couple times, but am starting to hear some positive stories from people around me. My clients often benefit from knowing that the things they are not paying attention to can go somewhere where they are loved and valued. I believe this also supported the woman in the story. Another way that I think of it is that things have energy and are meant to be used. When we stuff them in a closet we stifle that energy and create dense areas in our home that energy cannot flow through. Thank you so much for sharing and I imagine that decluttering was a great USM project.

Very thought-provoking story and valuable related insights on this subject. Thank you for the message, Linda. As a person who lived through two total loss house fires and two painful home burglaries, I feel connected yet separate from the things I collect.. blessings to all on this path! Karen

You have received powerful lessons in this area. Hope all is well now.

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