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A Surprisingly Simple Way to Heal Your Life

Posted on: July 29, 2013

breathing 3


Breathe in deeply – feel the air expand your diaphragm and watch your stomach rise.

Breathing in fully is saying YES to life. 

Be grateful for your breath.  Let it remind you what really matters and that your life is already filled with blessings.

Take a deep breath before you react to people or issues.  Let it calm you and give you space to center yourself.

Breathe in love.  Apply it to any emotional hurt, physical pain, upset, anger, or fear that is residing in your body.  Let them ride on your breath and out of your body as you exhale.

Give yourself the gift of breathing breaks to maintain a sense of feeling grounded and calm as you move through any challenges in your days.

Breathe into your heart, connect with your soul, and remember who you really are.

Just breathe….


8 Responses to "A Surprisingly Simple Way to Heal Your Life"

Good reminder! 🙂

Very useful advice in many situations. Thanks.

I make a point everyday of going out on my property and taking three big deep breaths. It is amazing how much stress melts away with that 10 second exercise!

Ah yes. Being in nature makes it even better…

Thank you for this awesome reminder and lesson. I know that I feel so much better if I slow down and take nice deep breaths. It is the best feeling there is. Worries melt away and my head clears. It’s beautiful.
~ Jodene

Glad to hear about other “breathers” out there.

I am sitting in my backyard right now, having taken the evening off from my usual exercise class. I am listenin to the birds and the crickets and looking at the daylilies. And breathing. I am grateful for this day.

Wish I was there with you. Sounds so lovely.

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