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But, I’ve Always Done it That Way…

Posted on: July 22, 2013

Ostrich and man with head in sand

Others may disagree, but I don’t think I’m too stubborn or set in my ways.  What I have noticed is that I get stuck in patterns of doing some things the same way for long periods of time.  I do the research, create a system, and figure I am set for a while.

 Sometimes this can be a smart strategy and other times it’s just sticking my head in the sand and taking the easy way out. 

For example, I became a vegetarian about 15 years ago.   After a lot of research and exploration, I created a way of eating that worked well for me and felt healthy.  I have made changes over the years, but there was a big blind spot.  One of my most common protein sources was soy and it was not until recently that I opened my eyes to the fact that a lot of those soy products were genetically modified. Ouch!

 Things change.  Information evolves.  When I set up my healthy diet years ago I had never even heard of GMO’s.

 We get smarter and wiser too.

I feel more alert now to observing the patterns in my life and questioning everything.  It’s actually kind of fun.  I simplified, refined, and even freed up time.  My life feels fresher and more open to new possibilities.

And now, it is your turn.  What areas of your life could use a little refreshing?  What patterns have been the same for a long time?  Where could you benefit from updating your information?

Looking at your life with fresh eyes opens the door to new opportunities and choices that can enhance your lifestyle.

Don’t keep your head stuck in the sand…



2 Responses to "But, I’ve Always Done it That Way…"

I was a vegetarian for many years too. I gave up eating meat over 25 years ago and, as you say, no-one knew about GMOs then. I did start eating fish again about 10 years ago so now I’m a pescatarian. A very interesting post. I guess moving to Spain in 2008 helped to get my head out of the sand!

Hmmmm Maybe Spain is a good idea…

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