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6 Totally Free Mood Lifters You Should Try

Posted on: July 8, 2013


Smiling: When you smile, mood enhancing chemicals are released into your brain, giving you that feel good feeling.  Smiles are contagious and people around you will get a free mood boost too.

Gratitude: It seems to be human nature to focus on what is wrong.  A simple shift to appreciating the blessings before you will improve your mood and open your mind to greater possibilities in life.

Exercise:  Most people know that exercise releases feel good endorphins into your brain.  It is also a great way to relieve stress and clear your busy mind.

Edit Your Input: It seems like the majority of our “entertainment” these days focuses on conflict, violence and other negative or depressing subjects.  Studies show that your brain cannot tell the difference between your reactions to these make believe situations and real life.  Choose instead to watch and read things that leave you feeling positive and uplifted.

De-clutter Your Life: Being surrounded by clutter impacts your mood in a negative way.  When your environment is simple and clean you will feel lighter and freer, as well as proud of yourself for what you have accomplished.

Dance to the Music:  The music you choose carries energy and will impact how you feel.  Choose to soak your soul in upbeat rhythms and positive lyrics that inspire you.  And then, just dance!

I’m Curious: What is your favorite free mood booster?  You can share your answer by commenting on this post.


9 Responses to "6 Totally Free Mood Lifters You Should Try"

Thank you Linda! GREAT POST! I’m going for a bike ride!

Have fun! It’s beautiful out there.

I agree with all of this. All. But especially the bits about laughter and entertainment. There have been days I have been down in the dumps or not feeling well, so I just threw on one of my favourite old comedies and immediately began feeling better. Laughter indeed soothes the soul.

What a great idea! I love watching old comedies.

What a great way to begin the week! Thanks for the reminders of how to live with greater joy and less stress. We all need to do better at looking at the bright side of things. It will improve our outlook on life, while making us more pleasant to be around.

So true! It is not only about how we feel, but the energy that we bring to others.

De-clutter is big on my list. Too much stuff makes it hard to think when I want to write. My new rule is nothing else comes in unless something goes out and I make sure these days that more is going out than in. 🙂

History Sleuth’s Milk Carton Murders UBC

I am a big advocate of simplicity and a clutter free life. It can bring so much peace and a feeling of lightness into your life. Good luck with your de-cluttering project and if you would like support, let me know…

Every single one of these makes me feel better for sure! Great list for a Monday!

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