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True Freedom Comes from Letting Go

Posted on: June 10, 2013

Letting Go

I spent time recently thinking about the work I do and how to communicate it.  From the outside it looks like I am helping clients with challenges or supporting them as they build lives and businesses they love.  But, my clients would tell you it is what happens on the inside that is most valuable.

What came up for me was that there is a theme of releasing or letting go in order to step into true freedom.  It is as if we have piled layers and layers of junk on top of our souls.  So much so, that even breathing in life can feel like a challenge.  We suffocate ourselves with beliefs, rules, and stories about our pasts that keep us small and afraid.

We lose sight of the truth.  All of the “stuff” is an illusion.  Stories we have told ourselves so many times that we feel trapped by them.  We forget that we are perfect children of God with special gifts for this world.  We forget that we can be happy, feel peaceful, and experience what is meaningful to us.

So, I am calling us out.  You, me, and everyone else.

Let’s bring our awareness to the truth.  Let’s drop the thought patterns that no longer serve us. Let’s step into our own brilliance and shine like the stars we are.  Let’s have some fun!

Are you willing to accept the challenge?

I’m curious:  What would you like to let go of?  You can share your answer in the comments section.

Picture courtesy of Sia

2 Responses to "True Freedom Comes from Letting Go"

I agree Linda – we hold onto believe or memories or thoughts or angers that no longer serve us and helps to let go these things

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