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Three Ways to Connect with Your Inner Wisdom and Guidance

Posted on: June 3, 2013

Hand Over Heart

We all receive guidance from within.  Whether you call it your heart, soul, intuition, or inner GPS, it is always there to support you.   There are times though, when we find it difficult to hear the messages sent our way.  Here are three of my favorite ways to reconnect with my inner knowing.

Meditation and Prayer – taking time to be in silence or have a conversation with God is a powerful way to realign with your inner guidance or open to direction from a higher source.

Body Signals – Our heart and soul often speak to us through our body.  Feeling tightness, contraction, or heaviness when you consider an option can be a sign you are on the wrong track.  When you feel light and open, your body is likely signaling a “yes”.  If you are faced with a decision, try saying each option and see what your body tells you.

Free Form Writing –  putting pen to paper and letting it flow is a beautiful way to vent, clear things that are blocking you, and bring forward new answers.  Free form writing is best done in a peaceful, quiet environment with pen and paper.  Write whatever comes up without thinking or guiding it.  You might be surprised what you learn.  If negative energy or content come forward, be sure to destroy or dispose of the paper when you are done.

I’m Curious: How do you connect with your inner wisdom?


1 Response to "Three Ways to Connect with Your Inner Wisdom and Guidance"

Hello Linda! I just had to reply on this topic, because I’ve started facilitating workshops that are all about inner wisdom.. I’d love your feedback and can send you a flyer for my next public workshop 6/23 if you can make it between 2-5pm.. you will love SoulCollage®..

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