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Where in Life are You Digging in Your Heels?

Posted on: May 27, 2013

Footsteps on the Beach

It all started with my decision to practice mindful meditation on my morning walk.  I noticed that my walking style didn’t feel natural.  It included landing on my heels hard and pushing off from there.  If I had been walking on the beach you probably would only have seen deep heel prints and thought it was some strange kind of animal.  No wonder my ankles and knees complain at times.

So, I played with changing my walking style.  I touched the heels lightly and rolled my foot forward, pushing off slightly with the toes and I used my hips so they could get some exercise too.

What a change!  I moved faster with less effort.    My body tipped forward a degree or two as it moved more naturally.  And, the big surprise was that this moving forward with more ease brought forward a feeling of enthusiasm, a sense of being eager to step into my day.

I started thinking, where else am I digging in my heels?  Are there other things in my life that I do as automatically as walking that could be improved?  I think so.  My yoga instructor says most people breathe shallowly, only using a small portion of their lungs and starving their bodies of oxygen.  I think I’m going to play with breathing in more life next.  I wonder how that will feel.

Your Turn: Where in your life are you digging in your heels and what would you like to play with doing differently?


7 Responses to "Where in Life are You Digging in Your Heels?"

Where in my life am I digging my heels in? That’s a tough question, and one I will definitely ponder (and perhaps even blog about) over the next few days. Thank you for a very thought-provoking post!

I would love to read it or hear what you come up with.

Thank you, Linda, for this. I looked at a place where I’ve been digging in my heels. It’s not doing me any good…. so now I get to stop. 🙂

Congratulations on the awareness Grace. I know you will move through it with ease.

Thanks Linda for sharing this.. Interesting and makes you certainly think!

I dig in my heels by not helping myself to improve myself in any way. Its like I have a mental block. I am reading a book by life coach Martha Beck – “Steering by Starlight” which is so applicable to my life right now but I can’t bring myself to use the tools to help myself.

Thank you for sharing so authentically. My clients often share how easy it seems to be stuck and feel safe by not moving forward, but the cost is huge. What is your heart telling you? If you would like support through this, email me at:

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