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5 Simple Tools for Quieting Your Busy Mind

Posted on: March 25, 2013

Busy mind

Our minds are valuable tools, but sometimes they can just be annoying.  Especially when they try to take over, creating an endless stream of thoughts that leave us spinning.

It would not be so bad if they were beautiful and uplifting thoughts, but when our minds gets in this state it’s favorite subjects are usually worry, fear, self-judgment, and guilt.

Who needs that? 

Your mind is not who you are.  It does not control you.  Here are 5 simple tools to try when your brain goes into monkey mind mode:

Prayer and/or Meditation – the ultimate peace giving tools

Mindful Movement – go for a walk or run and count your steps

Focused Activities – Find an activity that requires or inspires your full attention.  Ideas that have worked for others include art, crafts, building things, puzzles, gardening, and sports.

Visualization – Picture the thoughts spinning in your head and then move them to a place outside of you.

Challenging Your Thoughts – Ask yourself if the thoughts are really true and if they serve you.  If not, let them go.  Repeat this process until your mind understands what kinds of thoughts you are willing to keep.


11 Responses to "5 Simple Tools for Quieting Your Busy Mind"

My mind is always busy, so anything to quiet it is a damned good thing!

These tools have helped many people and might be worth a try.

When I clicked this link, I thought it was going to be too dense for my monkey brain to take in. What a nice surprise to find you simple suggestions waiting. Thank you. I like the visualization technique 🙂

Wonderful. I would love to hear how it works for you…

I actually use all of your suggestions and they are effective based on how and what is causing my lack of attention. I especially like meditation/prayer and Mindful Movement. Thanks for the reminder. Best Regards, Wendy

Is there anything else you do that you would add to the list?

Challenging our thoughts is the most transformational shift we can do to achieve what we want. Great post. Thanks.

Love this. Mindful attention on the little things is the basic step for start learning. We usually believe we learn but we merely recollect information. Real learning requires a quiet mind.

So true. A spinning mind is too busy to listen or learn.

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