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One Simple Way to Savor the Moments of Your Days

Posted on: March 4, 2013

Enjoying meal

Rush. Rush. Rush.  In this society of do more and be more, we can get a lot done without actually being present in the moments of our days.  We live without really living.

One way this shows up is in how we eat.  Most of us power through our meals thinking about what we have to do next. We don’t take the time to appreciate our food or even chew it thoroughly.

Chewing has some really cool benefits.  It prepares our food for digestion, allowing the nutrients to be absorbed fully and helps prevent chronic digestive issues, gas, bloating, and other assorted discomforts.  Chewing slowly is also considered a powerful and often forgotten weight loss tool as it allows time for our body to signal us when it is full.  Seems like a good place to start.

Don’t inhale your food.  Taste it.  Savor it.  Chew it.  Appreciate it.

You might find that this simple practice can open the door to being more fully connected to the moments of your life.

Your Turn: What else might support  you  in savoring your moments?


6 Responses to "One Simple Way to Savor the Moments of Your Days"

I am just busy doing three things at least right now…and on an empty stomach…this blog is a good reminder to take a break…and make something to eat and sit and enjoy eating it. Thank you! 🙂

Glad to be of service. Please remember to take care of yourself. You will be more effective in the long run.

I admit, I do this. I always eat too fast. Great reminder to slow down. Especially for the digestive process!

I hear you. It’s a shame to eat and not get the nutrients we need because we are so rushed.

Hi Linda! Stopping by to read and comment. Thanks for a great reminder of how important it is to slow down and actually enjoy life, including eating well and savoring our food (which reminds me, it’s about time for breakfast!)

In answer to your question, my early morning routine to “savor my moments” is to have a cup of hot tea while I read my devotions and pray. This takes place after I feed the pets and before hubby gets up for work, so it’s a very quiet, tranquil period of time that I do savor. 🙂

What a lovely way to start the day…

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