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The Beauty of Imperfection

Posted on: February 5, 2013


Striving for perfection can be a curse.  If we can’t get things just right we may shut down, stay stuck, and let our inner bully run the show.  After all, we must be perfect to be accepted, to be okay, or to be loved.  Right?

Maybe not.  Think about the things you love most in life.  Are they perfect?

Just imagine:

  • Your child’s school program with all of the cute off key songs, nose picking, and forgotten lines.
  • A field of wild flowers filled with beautiful random splashes of color
  • Your partner’s awkward attempt at writing a love poem
  • Puppies and kittens falling over as they play
  • Coloring outside the lines or creating with abandon
  • A friend sharing authentically in a vulnerable, but not so perfect way

What we really love is life’s imperfections, those endearing moments when someone or something stands out as authentic, vulnerable, and unique.  That is what opens our hearts and brings us joy.

Remember this when you feel yourself striving for perfection.  Being real, approachable, and imperfect, could actually be a better option.

Your Turn: What are some of the imperfections in your life that you love?


9 Responses to "The Beauty of Imperfection"

Thank you.

You are welcome for whatever it was.

Just for a lovely message.

This rings so true! I think that life’s imperfections are what make it worth living.

What a great perspective and a terrific reminder. Excellent post!!

You are so right. We all have that inner bully. Thank you for the sweet reminders of what is perfect about our imperfect worlds. Great post!

Fortunately, the inner bully can be tamed.

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