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Surrender Into the Good

Posted on: January 28, 2013


Many people don’t like the word surrender because it feels like giving in.

Others see surrender as letting go and releasing all of the stories, labels, and bad things they held tightly that have kept them from what they want in life.

I kind of like that one.  I find surrender very healing.

The other day I realized that the only time I use surrender is when I want to let go of something bad.

What if I surrendered to the good?

What if I surrendered into abundance, peace, success, love, and the arms of angels?

No more striving or trying, I can just relax into what is already there waiting for me.

Already there?  Yes.  Waiting for me?  Yes!   It feels true.  I can feel my mind shifting….

Come join me.  I wonder what we will find…..

Your Turn: What are you willing to surrender into?



4 Responses to "Surrender Into the Good"

Yeah it is difficult to surrender it feels alot like giving up.

You can reframe it. It’s all about perspective. Surrender is not giving in – it’s releasing what keeps you from your true self.

I like the idea of surrendering into abundance! Will take that away with me. Thanks, Wendy {UBC}

Isn’t surrendering into it so much easier than pushing ourselves. We can take the same action steps and just feel lighter and more positive. Thank you for commenting…

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