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Honor What You Already Have

Posted on: January 21, 2013

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Accumulating things can be a lot of fun.  Who wouldn’t love to have more.  More pretty things.  More technology.  More great tasting food.

Unfortunately the more we have, the more we have to take care of.  And, sometimes we are so busy focusing on what we want next that we neglect what we already have.

Are you honoring the things that are in your life now?

  • Is your car clean and the maintenance schedule up to date?
  • Are your clothes well cared for?
  • Do your two and four legged family members feel loved and cared for?
  • And, what about your body?  Are you honoring that?

When we honor what we have our life feels more complete.  We tend to need or want less and live more simply.  We are grounded in gratitude for what we already have.  And, we feel calmer, more focused, and better about ourselves as a whole.

So, the next time you want to go out and buy something, ask yourself if it is worth the time it will take to honor it and if that is something you are willing to commit to.  You might find out that you are content with what you already have.


19 Responses to "Honor What You Already Have"

Great reminder, very timely as we’re unpacking in our new home. I’ve been doing a lot of decluttering and weeding out. 🙂 I’m determined to keep this home comfortable and easy to take care of.

I love that intention. It feels like it honors the true meaning of home.

I don’t think enough people “honor” what they have. I agree less is more and normally best! Thanks for a wonderful article – I totally agree with you! 🙂

Maybe we can start a movement…

So very true. Many people have become very materialistic and if we would just stop and be thankful for the many things that we already have we would find out that we are content with what we already have. Wanting and needing are two different things and we need to be more consicious about what we need as opposed to what we want!

Yes. Wanting vs. needing. I just had an experience yesterday of wanting to buy a sweater that fit and was a good color for me, but I didn’t need it so I walked away. It wasn’t easy, so I get why we accumulate stuff.

It is definitely hard with that I want and need. Especially when you find a good sweater that fits well!

One thing that always surprises me when I finally get around to a declutter is the sense of calm and total wellbeing I experience afterwards. Amazing 🙂

Thanks for the reminders, my car actually needs an oil change!

Oh no! Just kidding. My mechanic calls me because he knows I forget.

Linda, I love this! I did some radical downsizing last year and have been happy ever since. Moving into a condo half the size of my house made me examine every single item I owned, and what I have, I LOVE! Great read, thank you for sharing!

That would do it. I often think about releasing everything I have not used recently, isn’t meaningful, or doesn’t inspire me with it’s beauty.

This is true. Moving twice in 2 years after being in our home for 30 years really helped. De-cluttering doesn’t only mean not acquiring, but streamlining processes. This BlogTalk Radio interview I did gives some great tips:

What a nice way to help prevent the clutter of unnecessary items. Thank you.

Very true. I think many of us are guilty of buying “too much stuff”. I am trying to break the clutter habbit. I posted this on my Facebook page.

Thanks. Feel free to friend me on Facebook if you like.

I think too many people focus on materialistic items. I have an ex husband who seemed to value the possessions more than the people in his life. Very sad. Great post thanks for sharing.

I can’t help thinking that might be partially why he is an ex. How sad that people miss out on the most meaningful things in life.

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