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Are You Living Life to the Fullest?

Posted on: January 7, 2013


I am noticing a pattern.  Many of my clients are creating visions for 2013 that involve concepts like:


Adventure – Creative Expression– Being Present in Each Moment – Living Life to Its Fullest.


I hear them talk about being drained by the election, news, and downslide of our culture.  It’s as if they have reached a point where they have had enough and want to shout out to the world: I am not going to let you control me and how I live and feel! 


They want to be bold, fully expressed, and amplify their lives.  They want to know in the end that they truly lived and counted for something.  They want to be free!  And, I’m right there with them.  Are you?


1 Response to "Are You Living Life to the Fullest?"

YES!!! I am absolutely with them and you, Linda!!! For some reason I’m feeling sooo inspired this year, too! It feels like a truly pivotal moment in my life…like I’m finally ready to take action like never before and “amplify” my life (I LOVE that!!) YAY!! Thank you! I feel amped UP and ready!

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