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Three Women and a Jigsaw Puzzle

Posted on: December 10, 2012


We were visiting our friend who lives in a guest home when she asked us to work on a jigsaw puzzle for her.  We jumped right in, knowing that doing puzzles or games with others can be a lot of fun.  It can also be very revealing.

Julie focused on creating the frame and she talked as she went, describing what she was doing and keeping us informed.  She took responsibility, moved quickly, and looked tirelessly for the last elusive piece of her part of the project.

Rhonda started putting pieces in piles of similar colors and held onto the picture on the box as her guideline.  As we worked, she would ask for our help in a way that would bring us together facing the puzzle as a group project.

And, me?  I would normally start on the frame, but there was already a lot of action there so I just starting creating from the middle with colors that spoke to me.  I worked quietly on my own and let the other women do their own thing, helping occasionally when I came across a piece they were looking for.

When I thought about our time working on the puzzle later, it was clear that how I played the game reflects how I play life.  I can be a bit of a quiet, lone wolf, dropping in and out of group interaction as feels right for me.

Who would have thought working a simple jigsaw puzzle could be so revealing?

Your Turn: What does your game play style reveal about you?


1 Response to "Three Women and a Jigsaw Puzzle"

I worked for a company that did group interviews. Part of that was putting together a LARGE floor puzzle and then turning it over. It was always eye-opening to see how that went.

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