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Help! I Made Up a Story and Now It’s Trying to Control Me

Posted on: October 22, 2012

I feel myself slipping into a story. One that I am making up and exaggerating to grand proportions, allowing it to control my mind and sap my energy. Can you relate?

It’s about the kittens I am fostering. The story I am creating is that if I don’t find them good homes they will have to live their lives out in cages or something terrible will happen to them. My sensitivity to what animals feel is playing havoc with my mind.

But, wait! I recognize this. It’s my old friends worry, guilt, and over-responsibility coming to see if I will take them back. I remember what life with them was like before and don’t want to go there again. Here’s my plan (It might work for you too.):

1. Recognize my story for what it is. (When something starts to gather steam in your mind, carry emotional energy, and feel out of proportion to the circumstances, you can be pretty sure there is a story going on.)
2. Step back and look at the facts. What do I know for sure? What would Mr. Spock say? What factual information do I need to resolve this or make a decision?
3. When I am clear, I will pray, meditate, or journal to tap into my heart and spiritual guidance so that I can move through the situation in a way that is peaceful and for the highest good of all concerned. Including me.

Your Turn: What big stories are you telling yourself and how will you handle them?


3 Responses to "Help! I Made Up a Story and Now It’s Trying to Control Me"

Fabulous piece, Linda. everyone lives in stories until someone points tht fact out to them. People forget the actual facts of events bcause they interpret them through their own eyes and then live in their interpretation as though it is the truth.
YOur post does a fantastic job of showing people how to discover when they live in a story rather than accurate thinking. Thanks

There is one story that I still remember from my past.that I try to tell my self that it was the best for all concern at the time. But not for the one, who still remembers what was lost for ever. that can not be gotten back. Just because what was said and done in the story.

Yes, it happens every now and then, and it’s not nice.

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