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Is Your World Black and White or Shades of Grey?

Posted on: October 19, 2012

When we call something good, then we are making something else bad.

If something is light, something else must be dark.

If one child is smart, another must be dumb.

If we see one person as a success, we are judging others as failures.

We live in a polarized world.  One that we create ourselves.  It is filled with rigidity and black or white thinking.  Right – wrong.  Happy – sad.

There is no room for seeing that a situation can feel bad, and be for our highest good.  Or, that people can act differently at different times.  Or, that life can often surprise us.  There is no space for just experiencing the present moment and waiting to see what will happen next.

Unless you choose to step out of the box and observe your thoughts and beliefs for how you polarize things in the world.  Life is constantly shifting and floating in the shades of grey.  That is where it gets interesting, and stimulating, and real.  It’s also where miracles can happen.

Are you ready to open up and step into the grey zone?


2 Responses to "Is Your World Black and White or Shades of Grey?"


This reminds me of something my photography teacher said years ago. There is no such thing as black and white photos. They are all 18% gray.

So, even when we think we are polarized, we’re not. The sooner we get comfortable with gray, the uncertainty of life, the more we grow to trust and enjoy more fulfilled lives.

This I know from experience.

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