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Are You Stuck in Black or White Thinking While Living in a Multicolored World?

Posted on: October 4, 2012

It’s interesting how we limit ourselves and keep ourselves stuck.  When my clients are not moving forward there are usually clues in their language as to what is holding them back.  Listening to their words helps me identify cognitive distortions, misperceptions, and mindsets  that are limiting their possibilities and realities.

You may be falling into this trap if your words or thoughts fall into the following patterns:

  • Black or white thinking
  • All or nothing
  • Shoulding on yourself
  • Blaming or taking things personally
  • Always or never
  • Drama or catastrophizing
  • Seeing only one side of an issue – often the negative
  • Generalizing

When you catch yourself falling into these negative limiting  patterns, ask yourself:

  • Is it really true?  Are you absolutely sure?
  • Is there another way of looking at this?
  • Could anyone else see it differently?
  • What would you tell your best friend (child, loved one) if they said the same thing?
  • Think of someone you respect and admire and ask yourself what they might tell you.

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1 Response to "Are You Stuck in Black or White Thinking While Living in a Multicolored World?"

Your title pulled me in Linda. We can get stuck in “all or nothing” thinking. Sometimes it’s OK to have or do a little something rather than go all out.

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