Life Coach Linda

Living a Warrior Life

Posted on: August 15, 2012

I used to think life had to be hard. It took a lot of effort just to get by. I was a warrior against the world.

I have since learned that what really made it hard was the tight, forceful energy I created in myself. Yes, I had bad things happen to me and I was struggling as a single mother, but I could have lived better without feeling all of that resistance or fighting energy. My warrior stance wasn’t helping me.

I discovered another way of engaging the world.  The way of the Samurai.

Imagine a Samurai warrior. They stay in a relaxed state of awareness that allows them to strike with their sword at exactly the right moment. If they are anticipating or worried, they might strike too soon. If they are afraid or hesitant, they might strike too late.

You can live the life of a true warrior by not resisting your challenges and simply staying aware of the choices before you.   By doing so, you will preserve energy you can use to take action or simply enjoy your daily life.  The world will feel like a safer place and you will feel more peaceful in it.

It is a simple choice. You can be a warrior against the world or a Samurai within it. Which will you choose?


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