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Inspired by Women Who Travel Alone

Posted on: August 13, 2012

I spent the day with a couple of nomadic women last weekend and I was inspired.  They each travel alone, showing up in new places where they know no one.  And, that is when the adventure begins.

When they step out the door of their temporary homes they never know what they will find and who they will meet.  They just start walking and see what shows up.  They connect with fellow travelers and make friends along the way.  They learn about their temporary world and the people in it in a deeper way than many of us will with our everyday homes.  They see  details and beauty in life that we are missing.

There is something about the spirit of going to an unknown place, completely open, and letting the experience unfold that inspires me.  I probably won’t become a nomadic woman in the near future, but I wonder what would happen if I approached my everyday life in the same way….

What about you?  What would a nomadic woman experience in your world?  Would you ever consider traveling alone?


6 Responses to "Inspired by Women Who Travel Alone"

Linda – I would love to hear more about these women. Why do they do this? Do any of them have children? Where do they do this? In the U.S.?
When I think of this, I think of how connected they must feel. They belong nowhere or to no one, yet I imagine they feel like part of the human family more than most. Thanks for sharing this!

Hi Jason: One has children, the other doesn’t. They have traveled the U.S., Asia, and Africa. They both live simply and in flow and that is part of what I am drawn to.

Linda this is an exciting, freeing concept; do you know if this is a time-limited adventure or a long, life choice for them?

Sounds like I’m not the only one inspired. The women I met were balancing travel with having a permanent home.

That’s very interesting. While it might not be my first choice, I would not be totally opposed to vacationing alone, though I don’t think I’d want to become a true nomad, even with company along for the ride. I, too, would be interested in hearing more about these ladies, as it’s very intriguing. Have they literally given up any permanent home and travel constantly? Or do they simply take vacations from their every day life?

Traveling alone as a female is the best thing I have done and will continue doing this! (As I’m doing now) It’s rewarding, finding yourself, and knowing as a female you can do everything your thought of not being able to. Keeping yourself safe, camping alone, hiking and being complete in general! Thanks for the share! 🙂

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