Life Coach Linda

Celebrate and Share Your Daily Wins

Posted on: July 11, 2012


It is not unusual for me to recommend my clients journal 5 gratitudes and 5 self-acknowledgments at the end of each day.  The feedback I get is that these simple steps can shift energy and change lives.

For myself, I take it to a deeper level.  Every week day I keep track of the things that I accomplish throughout the day.  It doesn’t matter how small they seem.  I list things as simple as eating a healthy meal, going to the bank, or writing a blog.  At the end of each day, I look over my list and take a moment to acknowledge myself for what I have done.  I then exchange my list with a friend by email.  We support each other in owning and celebrating our daily wins.

I invite you to find a special way to celebrate your daily wins and acknowledge yourself for what you accomplish.  Self-esteem and confidence come from noticing our successes.  And, like me, you just might be surprised how many there are.


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