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Help! I Can’t Find My Intuition!

Posted on: July 2, 2012

Connecting with our powerful inner voice is a skill that we can develop and enhance through practice.  There are times when our busy minds drown out our inner wisdom and others when we just find it difficult to connect inward.  These exercises can help you find your intuition when that happens:

Feeling Intuition in Your Body:

Let’s use the example of making a choice between option A and option B. Take a couple of deep breaths to relax and get quiet within.  Say option A.  What do you feel in your body?  Is it clenching or contracting or is there a more positive feeling.    Now say option B, paying attention once again to what you feel.  For many people, the answer becomes obvious.

Muscle Testing:

Stand in a comfortable balanced position and get quiet within.  Say each option.  Your body will tend to lean forward into what your intuition wants and back from what it doesn’t.


5 Responses to "Help! I Can’t Find My Intuition!"

I’ve seen people do something similar to the second exercise you mention – when shopping, hold one product up in front of you. If you lean toward it, your body wants it. If you lean away, it doesn’t. Do this for any options you have.
Interesting how our bodies can connect with the energies of items like this, or as you suggest, just the energies in saying the name…

Thank you for sharing. There are times where I can walk through the grocery store and my body tells me what it wants. It’s so easy to forget the amazing tools that are with us all of the time.

Thanks for the info Linda! I am currently working on developing my intuition, so this is helpful!

Glad to hear it helped.

What an interesting post. Thanks for this, Linda. Honestly, I tend to consider myself pretty self-aware but never quite thought of attraction and aversion in these terms and physical manifestations. You can bet I’ll be paying more attention to me – and others – after reading this tip.

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