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Are You Tuned In To Your Life?

Posted on: April 15, 2012

My client was stressed all of the time.  She ran from one thing to another and was proud of her multitasking abilities.  She was a single mom, worked hard at her career, and had an active social life. She contacted me because she was moving as fast as she could and it just wasn’t working.  She was worried about her daughter and couldn’t imagine ever feeling happy or at peace.

It was clear to me that she was working very hard to get what she didn’t want.   She was moving so fast her life was just a blur as she sped by.  It was time for her to tune back in to her life.

Sound familiar?

The world moves pretty fast these days and it is easy to get caught up in doing a lot of things.  Yet, it is when we slow down and really tune in that our life becomes most meaningful.   Can you imagine being on your death bed and realizing your life was just a big blur?  You weren’t able to make real connections or enjoy experiences as they happened?

Now, imagine how your life would be if you were really tuned in to

  • The people you love
  • Your surroundings
  • God
  • Your body
  • Your intuition
  • Your experiences

Now, that’s what I call living!!!

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