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Remembering Who You Are and What You Are Capable Of

Posted on: April 8, 2012

I was talking to a client this week who was challenged by an obstacle coming up with a project he was working on.    He described not feeling strong enough or having what it takes to get the job done.  He was forgetting who he really is.

I asked him to tell me again about some of the things in his life that he had overcome.  They included physical abuse, leaving home at a very young age, and a prior business that almost failed.  He is still the same person who survived the abuse, took care of himself, and turned that business into a success.  He has all of the internal strength and resources available to him now as he did then.

When you are faced with an obstacle that feels large and overwhelming look back over your life at all of the things you have overcome.  Look back and see how strong you were.  Look back and see how resourceful you were.  Look back and realize what you are truly capable of.

You might find the challenge is not so big after all.  You were just forgetting who you are.


6 Responses to "Remembering Who You Are and What You Are Capable Of"

Thank you for the reminder.

I love this post! I hope I will remember this for a long time 🙂 Thank You!

Me too.

Always an important thing to remember.

I love this Linda! When we recall what we’ve overcome we remember who we are. Our power is restored.

Great Post Linda- Powerful transformational energy can be renewed when we stand bravely honoring our own strength.

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