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Make Peace with Your Inner 2 Year Old

Posted on: March 11, 2012

There are times when I just don’t want to do what I should.

I don’t want to!  I don’t want to!

And then, there are times when I want what I want.

I want it!  I want it now!

When I find myself acting like a 2 year old, I know something has triggered my inner child to come out of hiding.  It used to be that she only made herself known when my buttons were pushed or she felt threatened.  Now, we have a pretty good relationship.  Sometimes we talk.  Sometimes I reassure her that she is safe and loved.  And, sometimes we have play dates.

Listening to your inner child is an opportunity for healing your past.  You can provide  him or her what they needed and didn’t receive in the past  by giving it to yourself now.  For you braver souls who are not concerned about looking crazy, having conversations with your inner child can increase  opportunities for learning and healing.

Once you have made peace with your inner 2 year old the fun can start.  They probably want to play, color, or swing on swings.  I recommend you follow their lead.  You might find you miss doing those very things.


I would love to hear about your inner 2 year old.  What can you learn from them?  What do they have to say?  How will you support each other?  Please feel free to share in the comments section.



4 Responses to "Make Peace with Your Inner 2 Year Old"

My kid needs to come out every now and then or I end up having a temper trantrum!

Me too!

My inner child loves to swing. I used to indulge her on my walks to the nearby park until they changed the swing sets to be clearly for 2 year olds who were still in 2-year old bodies. Bummers!

Now my 2-year old has to seek fun in other places–splashing in puddles, coloring and on occasion, putting together puzzles.

You would like my grandson who never met a puddle he didn’t love. Thanks for sharing your recipe for inner 2 year old fun.

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