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How Clean are Your Inner Windows?

Posted on: February 26, 2012


Most mornings when I wake up I spend a moment looking out my second story window at the sky and a beautiful tree.  This morning my window was half open, and what struck me was that half of my view was bright and clear and the other half was cloudy and muted.

Oh no!  I have dirty windows.

Looking through my dirty window reminded me of how I used to look at life.  My world view was pretty gloomy.  I couldn’t see the true scope of color and possibilities that were available to me.   I accepted what I saw as all there was.

I’ve been cleaning my inner windows for awhile and they are looking pretty good.  I like what I see now, but what about you?  What areas of life are you seeing clearly and where could you use a little window cleaning?

Call or email me if you would like some help with your windows.  I have leftover Windex and also offer free consultations for Life Coaching.

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11 Responses to "How Clean are Your Inner Windows?"

Be careful offering your window-cleaning services.

Loved this article. It’s so timely as we move into Spring Cleaning season.

I’m not really good at cleaning windows around the house, but I can help people get nice and shiny on the inside.

Couldn’t agree more. INNER cleaning is so crucial to our health and body.. It affect our energy level, digestion system, and much more. THnaks for sharing, Linda. You are so right…

Thank you for reading and commenting. Feel free to share the post anytime.

Great post, I love the analogy of cleaning our inner windows. Makes me want to learn more about what you do.

What would you like to know???????

Thank you for this post. It has me thinking.

Good analogy…all our windows need a bit of cleaning at least a couple of times a year

You are so right Debbie. I think I may actually need to work on my outer ones pretty soon too.

Very ‘clear’ analogy. I like the simplicity of your post – and outlook on life.

Thank you for your very “clear” comment.

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