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My Veggie Lifestyle

Posted on: February 19, 2012


I remember as a child not wanting to eat meat, but I adapted and grew to love foods like chicken pot pie and hamburgers.  Years later, I developed a case of hives without knowing what caused them.  While I waited for allergy tests I started researching and learning about food.  When I chose to become vegetarian it felt very natural – like coming home.  I sometimes joke that I was probably born a vegetarian.  Here are some answers to common questions about my veggie lifestyle:

Why? – I love animals, over production of animal meat is unhealthy for the earth and local communities, I am much healthier than most people my age and often told I look younger than my years.

How do I get my protein? – Beans, soy products, cheese, nuts, grains, lentils, and yes – tofu.  Many natural foods and veggies contain more protein than you think.

What do I eat? – Good stuff!  Burritos, quesadillas, salads, pasta, lasagna, pizza, stir fries, egg rolls, rice dishes, Italian white beans and greens, mac and cheese, and so much more.  I dine out easily and never feel deprived.

If you are interested in learning more about living veggie, there are many great books and websites that can help you get started.  You might begin with Meatless Mondays or jump right in.  And, you can always contact me with your questions.


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