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You Can Learn Almost Anything Online

Posted on: January 22, 2012

Not so long ago it became apparent that I needed new windshield wiper blades.  I wasn’t sure how the little clips worked and the instructions in the car manual were not clear.  You Tube to the rescue.  A few minutes later I was in the garage watching a tutorial on my laptop as I installed new blades with grace and ease.

It’s amazing what you can learn online.  There are product demos, reviews, how to’s, inspirational videos, and so much more.  Google this.  You Tube that.  How did we survive before the internet?

What have you learned online lately?


3 Responses to "You Can Learn Almost Anything Online"

I learned how to tie an obi online for my kimono! You can learn just about anything with YouTube!

I bet having a video really helped with that. I’ve received emails from people who learned to fillet fish, cut up artichokes, cook, operate their cell phones, create Excel documents, split overgrown plants, start a blog, create a Facebook account, work their Ipad, chant, meditate, and more, but I think tying an obi is the most unique.

I love, Love, LOVE YouTube! We own a Chrysler Town & Country that has the auto sliding doors. They stopped working mid-winter and I was really hoping we could avoid replacing the full wiring harnesses. We found a video that fully documented how to fix them. I was thrilled, I email it to my Hubby and my doors are working again.

I also use YouTube for work purposes, it’s absolutely wonderful. Chances are if you can’t figure out yourself someone already has… and the chances are pretty good they’ve also posted it on YouTube. 🙂

By the way, I really love how fresh your blog looked & feels, great colors Linda.

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