Life Coach Linda

How to Let Go of the Worry Bug

Posted on: January 8, 2012


Worry and stress are things we make up in our mind.  They serve no purpose, but, they can waste our energy and make us miserable.  We can’t predict or change the future, but sometimes our mind locks into a cycle that creates this stress.  A virtual worry storm.  Here are some questions to ask yourself the next time your mind starts moving that direction:

  1. Do I know for sure it is true?  If not, what is the truth?
  2. Will my worrying make a difference in the outcome?
  3. How is the worry impacting the way I feel?  How much of my energy is being wasted?
  4. How can I look at this situation differently?
  5. What are my choices?  What is the next step?
  6. Can I put the next step on my calendar and set the subject aside until then?
  7. Can I step into an observer mode and watch this like a movie?
  8. How would Mr. Spock approach this issue?  Can I view it from his perspective?
  9. Can I create a visualization of being safe or setting the thoughts aside?
  10. What self-nurturing steps will support me?
  11. What am I grateful for?  How is my life blessed?
  12. Am I ready to make a commitment to let it go?

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