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Sometimes Our Perceived Weaknesses are Really Our Gifts

Posted on: September 11, 2011

When I grew up I was told that I was too sensitive and weak.  It felt true.  As an adult, I judged myself for my perceived weakness.  I would get overwhelmed in crowds; take on the feelings of people and animals, and get tired after a lot of social activity.  I honored myself by learning how to work with this.  I can be social and busy for awhile and then I need down time.  I give myself that gift.  Sometimes, I could even be considered a bit of a home body.   I appreciate simplicity and quiet.

Recently, I went through a period of time of being very busy with a week of school in the desert with a couple hundred people and then graduation.  Afterwards, I felt like I wasn’t functioning well.  I felt exhausted, could not focus, and even had some physical symptoms.  I gave myself the gift of time and rest, but realized I was judging myself for this perceived weakness.  And then, my wise friend Heather called.  She reminded me that the very sensitivity I was judging myself for was what allowed me to be intuitive with my clients.  It allows me to be empathetic and loving.  It allows me to create sanctuary for others and help them heal their emotional pain.  It is one of my gifts.

I see this in my clients and the people around me, too:

  • A brilliant, logical business man who judges himself for having difficulty expressing emotion
  • An artist who judges herself for not being very organized
  • A dentist who judges himself for being a perfectionist
  • A stay at home mom who judges herself for not being career oriented

Judging ourselves is never a good thing.  I encourage you to not only give up the judgments, but to look more carefully at your perceived weaknesses.  They just might be the window to your gifts.

If you would like support in letting go of the ways you judge yourself, contact me at (714) 282-0704 or email:


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Loved this!

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