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Thoughts on Expectations

Posted on: July 24, 2011

Expectations are just thoughts or judgments that we hold within ourselves.  They can set us up to feel disappointment and anger as well as alienate the people we have expectations of. Expectations carry tight and rigid energy that hurts both the person carrying them and the person they are placed on.  Releasing expectations frees us from that energy and feels peaceful.  Like a surrendering to the truth of what is.

The world continues around us whether or not we have expectations.  The same things happen.  The difference is how we let them affect us and whether we set ourselves up to be disappointed, or not.  When we drop expectations we free up a lot of energy that can be used to create what we want in our lives.  Our eyes are more open to opportunities.  All of the same possibilities will show up, and we are more likely to be able to see and act on them.

Life without expectations is lighter.    It is about living free in the moment and being curious about what will happen next.  We may have plans or ideas, but remain flexible if something more interesting or better shows up.  A life without expectations also means allowing others to live their own lives without causing them to feel judged, guilty, or like they will never be good enough.

Sounds pretty good to me…..

If you would like support in releasing expectations – call or email for a free consultation (714) 282-0704



1 Response to "Thoughts on Expectations"

One thing that helps me when less-desirable outcomes show up in my life is to ask myself what am I to learn from the experience. That takes away the sting of disappointment and changes my perspective to see the situation as a lesson, no more or less.

Thanks for this tip on letting go of expectations.

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