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Too Much Stuff

Posted on: July 10, 2011

After completing my last homework and written exam for a Master’s Program in Spiritual Psychology  recently, I found myself wanting to organize and clear space in my home that had been neglected a bit as I studied.  Most people would say I live pretty simply, but as I look around I wonder where all of this stuff came from.  In my younger years I did not have a lot of money.  Just 10 years ago I remember allowing myself to buy one thing a month that was not a necessity.  Whether it was a new pair of running shoes or a plant for the yard, it was the only thing I would indulge in that month.  And, I always thought I had enough.  When did I start thinking I needed more?

The funny thing is that a lot of the stuff I’ve acquired does not get used.  Take clothes for example.  I have things that changed when they were washed or shoes that rub where they shouldn’t that I keep around.  Why?  I spent money on them.  At the same time, I still wear  t-shirts, dress slacks, and a few other things that are at least 10 years old.  One of the comforters I use was bought when my son was three.  He’ll be 38 soon.

I mentioned this to my friend Traci and she said she has old favorites that she still wears over and over.  Some of them have been around for years.  Traci said that she has noticed when she does the wash it is always the same clothes.  The rest of her wardrobe stays in the closet, unused.  Wow!  That’s true for me, too.  What about you?

I’ve decided to do something about all this stuff that has crept into even my simple life.  I’m going to celebrate my favorites and set the others aside.  Some will go straight to my upcoming garage sale and others will be put in a box or a closet as if they don’t exist.   If I find I don’t need them, I will let them go.  I love the idea of opening my closet and seeing only clothes that I love wearing, without other stuff that doesn’t feel  good crowding the view.  Imagine how easy it will be to get dressed in the morning.

I am looking forward to selling or giving away these things to people who will enjoy them.  They don’t belong with me.  I am ready to release them so that they can find their true homes and the people they are meant to serve.   Just thinking about it feels good.

“There is no greatness where there is not simplicity, goodness, and truth.”  Leo Tolstoy


1 Response to "Too Much Stuff"


You hit on the very concern I’ve had lately. When I gaze around my house I see so many things I no longer use or cherish the way I once did: a teapot collection, a piano I never play and my mother’s sewing machine dating back to the 50’s. Add to that all the unworn clothes and table decor, and it becomes clear that I’m holding on to stuff that is crowding my life, clouding my thinking and diminishing my greatness. Thanks for the reminder to find new homes for these things.

Congratulations on completing your Master’s Program. You’ve reached quite an achievement.

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