Life Coach Linda

Feeling Upset is an Opportunity

Posted on: May 29, 2011

Feeling upset is uncomfortable and most of us want to avoid it, but what if there is a different way to look at it?  When we feel upset it is a sign that there is something triggered inside of us.  Triggers are often caused by past experiences or belief systems that we hold on to.  Based on this perspective, feeling upset signals an opportunity for learning or healing. 

It’s what we do with the upset that counts.  Do we let it take control of our life? Do we let it spin in our mind until it makes us sick?  Or, do we look at it objectively and wonder what the opportunity is? 

In some situations it is important to respond to what is happening and that can be done without letting the upset control you.  If you want to grow spiritually and move beyond upset, it is important to look at it carefully.  Where does it come from?  Does it bring up a memory or feeling from the past?  What are the opportunities for learning and healing?  If you feel stuck or don’t know how to heal something from the past, a coach or counselor can support you.

When you take this approach to the things that upset you, you begin the process of creating a more peaceful and un-reactive life.  I can vouch for that.  Don’t let upsets upset you.  Embrace them as a chance to eliminate a trigger and learn or heal one more thing


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