Life Coach Linda

How to Let Go of Stress and Feeling Upset

Posted on: May 16, 2011

Our thoughts, beliefs, and things that happen in our lives can upset us and create stress.   Unfortunately, many of us get stuck in these feelings and do not have the tools for processing them.  They just don’t teach that in grade school. So, here are some ideas that might support you in releasing and letting go: 

  1. Breathe it Out: Focus on the thoughts and feelings and how they make you feel.  If you can, locate the feeling in your physical body.  When you are ready, form an intention to let them go.  Take in a very deep breath and on the exhale blow out the heavy feelings.  Repeat the releasing breath a couple times for the maximum effect.
  2. Free Form Writing:  Use pen and paper to write out all of your feelings.  Let them come as they will and do not hold back.  Download them onto the paper as a way of releasing them from your mind and body.  When you feel complete, destroy the paper and get rid of it.
  3. Meditation and Visualizations: You can meditate on surrender or breathe in and out peace, love, or whatever word feels most meaningful to you.  Or, you can create a visualization that is based on what you are experiencing.  If it feels dark, you might want to visualize light coming in.  If it feels heavy, you could visualize floating on water above it.  The possibilities are endless.

Releasing and letting go create internal empty space.  I recommend taking a little time to fill this space with something positive, like love, light, or gratitude.  Now, doesn’t that sound better than walking around being upset or stressed?


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