Life Coach Linda

How to Build Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence

Posted on: May 2, 2011

  1. Understand that you are innately worthy.  You are a soul/spirit that comes from God and God does not make mistakes.  
  2. Celebrate your best qualities and accomplishments – keep lists of everything you are proud of doing in your life and the qualities you are most proud of. 
  3. Stop judging and forgive yourself for buying into the misbelief that you are now or ever  have been wrong or not good enough.
  4. Love your body for how it takes care of you – your lungs breathe, your heart beats, and your legs allow you to move around.  Your body is a miracle worth loving. 
  5. Do not look for acceptance or love outside of yourself.  It comes from within and it comes from God. 
  6. Don’t take things personally.  What other people choose to say or do is about them, not about you. 
  7. Shift your negative thoughts and challenge your beliefs – don’t let your inner critic or belief systems run your life. 

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