Life Coach Linda

Judgment – The Opposite of Love

Posted on: April 18, 2011

Most people think hate is the opposite of love, but in my mind it is judgment.  If you open up hate and look inside, you will see judgments.  You cannot hate someone without judging them first.  In fact, judging may be the root of all evil……   

As children, our thought patterns are formed by our cultures and families.  We absorb beliefs about others and what is right or wrong. We judge others for their actions or how they look.   We lose site of the fact that we are all souls trying to find our way on this earth. 

Some of us get lost along the way.  We can judge them or simply accept them with compassion and then make a simple choice as to whether or not we want to interact with them.  Their actions and who they are at the core are two different things.  After all, how screwed up do you have to be to want to murder someone?   

Who do you judge in your life?  What is wrong with them?  How have they treated you badly?  What would happen if you started seeing them as another soul who has lost sight of who they really are?  Judging them will hurt you more than it will hurt them.  Move from judgment to compassion and discernment.  Make decisions without negative energy.  And, whatever happens, love them anyway.


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