Life Coach Linda

The Knots of Feeling Responsible

Posted on: January 24, 2011

I have a history of feeling like the one who had to hold it all together.  I was really good at taking on responsibility.  It was as if I was the only one who could do things, or if I didn’t do them, no one else would and the world would just come to an end. 

It’s really only a matter of perspective.  The only thing that feeling so responsible did for me was create tension and stress.  My stomach felt like it had knots in it.  When I decided to relax and shift to just doing my best in a relaxed way the knots disappeared.  I relaxed.  And, I was surprised to discover that I could accomplish the same amount of work with grace and ease. 

What are the knots that are wound up inside of you?  I invite you to review your perspectives and relax some of the pressure you put on yourself.  You can still work toward the outcome you want and enjoy feeling peaceful along the way.


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