Life Coach Linda

How to Get Back Into the Game of Life

Posted on: January 9, 2011

My clients are telling me  they feel scattered and are having difficulty settling into the New Year.  They are not alone.  I’m feeling that way a bit, too.  Here is the process I am using to get back on track:

 Vision – reconnect with the vision you have for your life and/or work

Organize – take time to create a list of the things that need your attention

Prioritize – choose the next most effective steps to take

Decide – form an intention for moving forward

Focus – do one thing at a time and stay on track

Celebrate – even baby steps are worth taking a moment to acknowledge yourself

Last year I wrote an article with a slightly different take on this – “How to Get Your Mojo Back and Get Back Into the Game of Life”  Here is the link:—7-Steps-For-Getting-Back-Into-the-Game-of-Life&id=4481072


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